Behind The Counter

Behind The Counter

Behind The Counter is a romance/conspiracy about a bank and how they affect 4 different people's lives. This is just the first part, so comment if you want me to make more!

published on April 28, 20167 reads 3 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


If you were walking on a certain street at a certain time and happened to look through a certain, large, old gold framed window, you may notice a certain old woman dusting a certain old, smoky gray counter, where hours before, faceless customers deposited their money at the Mulberry Union Public Bank.
If you happened to look a little closer, you would also notice that this certain old woman was dusting the same spot on this certain counter over and over again. You would think that there was a particularly stubborn piece of dirt, bundle yourself up in a warm, cozy fur coat and be on your way out on the cold, snowy streets and would not think any more of it .
Think again.
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