Heartbreaker (1)

Heartbreaker (1)

Heather gets dumped on the first day of high school and from that day she vowed to never get hurt. But, what happens when she actually falls for someone? Would she hurt him or love him for real?

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Chapter 1.


"Hey, Heather let's go where gonna be late."
"Hold on I need to find my phone Kate."

Please don't tell me I lost it again.

" It's the first day of school and we're gonna be late for it!"
"Hold on, my god."

Why do you do this to me? Where's my phone? Where's my phone? WHERE'S MY PHONE? You know what screw this I'm done.

"Hey, after school ride with Liv I can't find my phone right now, Okay?"
"Fine," rolled her eyes, "Let's just go already."

We went outside and got into the car. Since my car got crashed because my sister tried to practice driving with my dad our mom has to take us. As I sat down in the front passenger seat I sat on something. I get up and see that my phone is in my back pocket. Man, I'm really that stupid.

"Well, I guess I'm not riding with Liv today," Kate said smugly.
"Whatever, just don't get too annoying when I'm with Simon, okay?"
"I'll try big sis."

We waited until Mom came out and got into the car with us. Once she came in she looked at both of us with some tears n her eyes.

"Oh both my girls are growing up! Oh, I'm so happy!"
"Mom, stop it."
"Kate you're going to start your final year at middle school and Heather you're graduating this year too."
"Oh, Mom,"I said as I hugged her.
"Alright, guys enough let's go to school!"
"Kate's right mo let's go!"

After a few minutes, they left me at the gate of the school. I said goodbye and blew them both a kiss. Once they left I walked towards the school grounds going to me and my friends' hang out spot. The is special to us because it's how we all met each other in our first year of high school. We're seniors and we are so excited for the year. I neared the spot and I saw two of my besties in our group. Ellie and Jack. They both liked each other but they were to shy to confess their feelings though.

"Hey, guys. Ya miss me?"
"Heather hey," Said Ellie as she ran over to hug me.
"Hey H." greeted Jack.
"How's my brother from another mother doin'."
"Great, waiting for you lazy guys," He replied.
"What you talking about Jack I was the first one here."

Jack blushed at Ellie's remark. Aww, I hope this skinny love goes comes to light.

We waited for the rest of the group to come but then I saw Simon. I excused myself and went to go talk to him.

"Hey babe," I said.

He looked at me confused but a nodded in reply.

"Everything okay?"
"Yeah, umm are you okay Heather?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Nothing it's just that I didn't think you take breakups very well like this."

My heart sank and then it went cold.

"Didn't you get my text this morning?"
"No I haven't," I said this as I took my phone out. I read his text. This was real.
"So, yeah I'm with Rebbeca now."

I didn't answer him.

"Alright, goodbye."

He left me there broken and feeling worthless. I felt my warm tears falling down my face. It's been a while since I cried and I didn't like it at all. I walked to the girl's restroom and washed my face. I looked into the mirror and thought deeply why he would do it. Am I not pretty enough? Am I fat? I went into the stall and cried until I heard footsteps.

"Heather are you in here?"

It was Ellie.

"Heather please tell us what happened."

I unlock the door and walk out. Ellie's there with Jennifer, Evelyn, and Jade.

"We're over," I said and I burst into bigger tears.

I fell to the floor and they gathered around me. How long did we last? Almost five years. He got tired of it. Of us. Why didn't I see this sooner?

I get up and wash my face again. I'm not going to get hurt from another guy again. I'm going to show that girls can break hearts too. I'm going to change the rules and it's going to be fun.

"Just forget get about him."
"Yeah, Jade's right." said Evelyn.
" It's  his loss that he broke up with you." added Jennifer.
"You're an amazing person and if he can't see that then he's stupid." said Ellie as we walked outside.

I turned to smiled.

"I'm not going to get hurt again." I said and I hugged them. But little did they know that I was now preying on a boy that walked past them. My first doll.


Wow right updates will beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Monday or Tuesday. Please if you want like it, share it and follow if you please thxs. XD <3<3
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I'm really sorry that it had to be short! I'll try harder next time!!!
on April 24, 2018