Did I Mention I Loathe You?

Did I Mention I Loathe You?

Shawn is a victim of abuse, both verbally and physically. Not abuse from parents, or any adult for that matter. Abuse from her best friend, Claire. She has a problem, though - she wants to be end things with Claire, but that would cut off almost all contact with her other friends, too. By dumping Claire, Shawn would also lose her other three closest friends, Natalia, Antonio, and the very adorable Connor - but maybe she's lost him to Claire already?

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Chapter 1.

No Place Like Claire's

Claire McAdams had everything; blonde hair, blue eyes, a great body, amazing parents, and the perfect life. She also had two best friends, Natalia Perez and me, Shawn Thompson. Her house had everything, too; games, food, big closets, and couches. She also had the full attention of everyone at all times. She was a poster child. Perfect.

Time goes on, people move, friendships end, friendships start up again, they end again, people move in, friendships are renewed, friendships end once more, people move back, friendships continue like nothing happened. It's all a continuous circle. In my neighborhood, the kids are insane. They all go out early and stay out late. No curfew. Everyone was free-roaming. Everyone except me.

When Connor Pickett moved in, Claire and I were still friends. He was amazing...to me, anyway. He was 5'3", with a round face, dark brown eyes, and dark, spiky blonde hair. Connor was perfect. Sure, he was wildly inappropriate and frequently ran around Claire's backyard half-naked whenever her parents were asleep, but he was still undeniably perfect. Everybody loved him, and Claire didn't like that.

There was a new poster child in town.
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Comments (3)

This story is great!! I'd love to see more of it if you have time!!!
I might add once I finish some others
on Saturday
on Saturday
I love it! ^^
on August 15