Super Smash Bros Characters Love Stories part 2

Super Smash Bros Characters Love Stories part 2

Here is part 2 of Super Smash Bros Characters Love Stories with two more characters tell me what characters Would you like to me to make a love story with and enjoy.

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Chapter 1.
Link ~ My Legend

Link ~ My Legend

As you walked to the park and you saw master hand he challenged you to a battle but you had multiple things you could do you could fight with your sword or use your powers or both.Once the battle began somehow you won your first ever match and
You never battle because it to you is a hard  it reminds you of what happened to your parents. "Hey Y/N what's up" Link yells to you running. "Link be careful " you said but he didn't listen to you and fell down  the hill."LINK "  you yelled as you ran after him.
You see him with a bleeding arm with a piece of  metal in it as you ran to him "Link here let me help " you said Link was unconscious so you put the piece of metal out of his arm and banged it.Link woke up in three hours later  and sees you "Why is my arm rapped up for "Link ask "You fell down a hill and you somehow got a piece of metal in your arm and you pass out and you help you" you told him.Link lean in and kiss you on the lips so you join in and kiss back.
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on December 22, 2016