Lighting Flare, My Little OC

Lighting Flare, My Little OC

So I've always had a MLP OC and I called him Max Gaming but I felt like that was too overused and I changed him up a little, gave him a job and whatnot, please enjoy and tell me what you think. P.S. Please don't just read this and NOT comment. How am I supposed to know wat you think. Please comment. PLEASE. (Also sorry for the photo, I made it on my computer and had to take a picture of it with my IPad so it kinda sucks but I'm sure you get the idea.

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Hi, I'm Lighting Flare, and if your reading this then you found my Journal, good for you! I have red fur, bright sky blue eyes, light blue hair that's styled like the famous Vinyl Scratch. I would usually be wearing my famous headphone I ALWAYS wear but not during my job, we'll get back to my job later, and a green jacket with a white shirt (I seem to be the only pony who wears clothes for fun... Eh. Also, I am a Pegasus!
Oh yeah, about my job, believe it or not, I am a Personal guard for Luna. I may look like a Day person but actually I love the night. It's nice and peaceful. For my job I have done -ncoughcoughManyThingscoughcough- lots of helpful things and always obeyed every command, and for this the guys make fun of me but this job does get me the ladies. How did I become the Personal Guard of Princess Luna? I TRUELY do not know, seriously I was just getting hired up when out of nowhere Luna and Celestia Appeared, arguing about Personal Bodyguards and Luna was like "Fine, just find someone, I don't care anymore!" And Celestia was like "good, now who to choose...?" And she looked at me and was like "That one." I stood there looking at them as they stared at me. "Um..." I said, not knowing what to do. "But wait, he looks like a Day Person." Said Luna, bored out of here mind by what I could tell. Celestia walked over to me, asking my name. "L-Lighting Flare." I said, standing up straight. She the. Looked at the signup sheet. "Luna, come here..." Luna came over and looked with her older sister. "What?" Luna asked. "This Guy's name is Lighting Flare and he signed up on your squad... I guess he's a Night Pony after all." Celestia said, happy to get this matter done. "Hmm..." Luna turned to me, "So... How much of a hard worker are you?" She asked, looking at me disgusted. "I'll work tell every bone in my body is dust, Princess." I said, saluting. Luna and Celestia smiled, grabbing me and telling the people there that I was now Luna's PERSONAL GUARD and I needed to be put in armor and ready now. After about five minutes I was armored up as everyone looked at me with surprised looks, some every envied looks, most jealous and hatred looks from guys.

Well thanks for reading my journal story, I Lighting Flare we be off now, see you on the next page if your still reading this.
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Comments (3)

I like this story.
on July 26, 2015
it's cool and my oc lucky star is luna's kid
on April 04, 2015
And your still ignoring my Comment PLEASE thing...
on March 01, 2015