Circus Freaks (Joker Edition)

Circus Freaks (Joker Edition)

Wow I effing suck The last one was... Anyways, this is a Joker x reader so yeah enjoy it or if you don't want to enjoy it...why are you reading if you don't want to enjoy? Kinda defeats the purpose

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Chapter 1.
Snowy days

Snowy days

A shiver ran through my spine as the snow fell down, covering my town. It was winter, December twenty fifth. meaning it was Christmas. I huddled closer to my group. Who are we? We are the outcasts of society. We were missing limbs, and families. I am Dakota V. Quinn. I used to live in a huge manor with my family and servants until our house collapsed and crushed my family. Half of my arm was under stones, which caused me too lose it. I lost everything.
The girl on my left is Belinda V. Orquidea, she used to live in a beautiful house with a mother, father, brother and servants. They were some of the most important people in their Italian town, hell even in that part of Italy they were important. Why is she out here in the cold and missing half her leg? The fire. Her house and some of her city was set on fire by the Mafia. Her whole family was killed, and she lost her leg due to behind trapped under a wooden beam.
The girl on my right with choppy, shot blonde hair is Alice L. Collins. She isn't the...sanest. She's bonkers to be honest. She sees things like fairies and trolls. We believe her of course, I mean, who doesn't believe in mythical creatures? If you don't believe in them, they wont allow you to see them. Alice was thrown out of her house once her family thought she was a witch for seeing things, which only made her more bonkers.
Yeah I guess you would say we were some pretty screwed up people. "Bloody pink fairies...everywhere." Alice said as she quickly gripped her hair, then wrapped her arms around her legs. I watched as she rocked back and fourth. "I am hungry."  Belinda said softly, I looked at her and sighed. "I'll...go get something." I said, Alice looked at me with her wide, baggy, light blue eyes and giggled. "Please be careful, Dakota." Belinda said as she slightly nodded her head down, I nodded and stood up. Once I did, the two girls quickly came together to keep warm.
I nodded and started walking out of the alleyway. Hey maybe the baker will show some kindness for the holidays eh? I sighed as I wrapped the too small coat around me the best I could. I walked up to the bakery...should I ask? I widened my red eyes as I remembered what happened last time. "........screw it...forgive me." I said as I walked inside of the bakery.
I quickly darted out of the bakery and started running as fast as I could. The cold snow felt like needles on my bare feet. I heard the baker yelling and running after me. I heard him get closer. "ACK!" The back of my coat was ripped back, causing it too rip off. I looked down at my brown, ripped, dirty dress and looked back up. I stayed still too long. I widened my eyes and tried to run, only to get my hair pulled. I fell to the ground and quickly curled up in a ball, protecting my head. I closed my eyes and whimpered as the baker slammed his rolling pin on my ribs. I bit my lip and tried to suppress the whimpers. With every hit I curled up more and more. Until, it stopped. I slowly looked up and saw a man with orange hair. I didn't get a good look before I shot up and made a run for it.
"Bloody unicorns prancing in the streets."
"Those are horses."
"Bloody unicorns are prancing."
"....I guess they are unicorns."
"I got bread!" I said as I ran back into the alleyway and sat in front of them. Alice's eyes went wide as she snapped forward. "Christmas." She said, I nodded as I handed the bread to Belinda to split. I can't split it with only one hand. She smiled as she handed it out. "Christmas dinner!" Alice said as she almost shoved the whole thing in her mouth, but stopped and shook her head. "Wait wait wait." She looked around. "We have to say something we are thankful to have right?" She said, we looked at each other. "Sure." I said, Alice smiled, unknowing that she mixed up Thanksgiving and Christmas. "Um...I'm thankful for...having this bread and my other leg." Belinda said as she giggled. I smiled and looked at Alice. She looked up and shook her head. "I'm thankful for not being normal." She said and smiled. I giggled. "Very interesting." I looked at the two of them. They were staring at me.
"Oh...I'm thankful for..not being alone, I may have lost everything but I still have you two." I said, we all smiled and held up our bread pieces, touching them together. "Cheers." We said in unison, and began to eat. "How nice." A voice said, making Alice chock on her bread and ended up hacking up a partly chewed piece of bread. I turned around with some bread in my mouth, still chewing. "....Who are you?" I asked with my mouth still full. "Wait..." I swallowed. "How rude....I apologize." I shuffled over to him, making a small trail in the snow. I held up the rest of the bread and smiled. "Want to have the rest? I already had half though, hope you don't mind." I said smiling up at the orange haired man. He leaned down and looked at my arm.
"Eh...what? Don't judge me...don't judge us OK, we've been though a lot more then you think, don't judge if you don't know." I said, he looked at me. "Oh no no no, I wasn't judgin' ee." He held up his right hand...well..skeleton hand. "See? Why would I judge ya if I'm like ya?" He asked and smiled. I blinked a few times. "You're that guy from the circus poster...." I said as I retracted my hand, and handed the bread to Alice, who ripped it in half and handed it back over. "Blue and pink fairies don't like each other." She muttered as she rocked back and fourth, as she was finished with her own bread. I grabbed one bread piece with my mouth and the other with my hand. I held the piece in my hand back to the orange haired man.
"Christmas dinner?" I asked, though it was muffled by the bread. He looked amused but denied. After a while of convincing, he finally smiled and took it. He sat down and slowly started eating with us. We told him our stories, Alice told him about the mythical creatures, Belinda told him about the wonders of Italy, and I told him about how we survived and what we've been through. The entire time he listened, he even handed his purple jacket over for us to warm up. After about an hour of telling stories and laughing, Joker looked at the sky. "I must be goin back to the circus now..." He said as he stood up, Alice held up his jacket, but he smiled and waved his hand.
"I'll come back for ee tomorrow, and so ee know I do, keep it for tonight."
A/N~ I fuckiing redid this because the last one I made was pure shit
I'm redoing most of my stories
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