And the winner is... 4

And the winner is... 4

Finally I got votes so every time I'm making a poll and you can vote in the story too in honor of Julianna I'm do this for her we had to break up her parents find out

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Chapter 1.

The 3rd loser

Leafy:everyone who lost last time come to the circle
×everyone who last the last episode sat down in a circle×
Firey:so you all lot the votes we got is 2 in the comments of the story and 9 on the voting poll everyone 0 votes but hydro fedora pencil James rocky and kal
Leafy:the votes right James!
James:×gasp×what! ×falls down×you freaking scared me!
Leafy:your safe with one vote
Fedora:me too!
Leafy:yes I guess
James:why her
Fedora:I have more fashion then you James
James:shut up before I chainsaw you
Hydro:×laughing hard×you guys are big losers XD
James:shut up before I chainsaw you
Hydro:fine ×roll eyes×
Firey:okayyyyy moving on
Leafy:it's down to pencil hydro and kal
Kal:wait why me!
Leafy:I don't know but it doesn't matter anyways because your safe
Hydro:×looks at the reader×you losers voted for me I'll kill you guys
Keinoa:×presses a button×
Hydro:×gets hit by a wreaking ball and he falls in a cage with match and phone×I HATE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keinoa:what he lost anyways he got 3 votes pencil got 2
Firey:how did you know!
Keinoa:4th wall well to me it's a open window
Leafy:I see nothing just the blue sky
Keinoa:×face plams×
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Tennis ball.
I don't know if I'm going crazy, but he seems suspicious to me
Gasp how dare you
I'm probably going crazy. Happens often
on May 28
on May 28
on May 28