Love... And What Came After

Love... And What Came After

I decided to make a small jumpstarter with this small bunch of paragraphs to see if people liked it. Think of this as a prologue. Leave a comment on what i can improve.

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A beggining for the end (Prologue)

I guess I haven’t lived the worst life… but if I was ever asked to live it again… I’d definitely refuse.

“Geez this girl” I whisper as I walk along the asphalt of the school grounds, not alone… but walking alongside her… She talks about how she is going to die in her next class but alone… we’ve talked about much darker subjects.

“I feel like I’m going to have a panic attack” she says with only thoughts on her next class

“She’ll probably be too focused on the other students to notice… just hope for the best Cat” I said knowing she wasn't taking that seriously

She and I have both had our fair share of depression over the years… this is evident hidden on certain parts of our body… Mine being my upper thigh... hers… I never wanted to ask. I do indeed hold feelings for her… her blue eyes, chestnut coloured hair and of course the rare gleeful laugh have always persisted to make my heart hurt but it’s the kind of addictive pain… a happy pain.

"Either way just try your best for the sake of getting some stress of your chest" i said while noticing our conversation needed to be concluded

“I know but... things have just keep coming up left and right" she glances and me "See ya”

“Bye then” I respond while taking a final glance to her “good luck”

She shows of a reluctant smile then takes the stairs up as I travel to my next class further ahead. I feel my mind immediately starting to change to a darker more depressed mindset, I've become so reliant of her for injections of happiness that I become weak without her by my side... She has a way of nuling my adversity just by being there with me. She’s the kind of girl who would blush to the smallest complement but could brush off some unbelievably terrible words, though like me she has a hard time taking any complements seriously.

She has time and time again been able to make me happy but i haven't been able to do the same for her... i just wish I could hold the potential to do so as well.
[Author Note]
If you liked it be sure to let me know so I can write an interesting true chapter 1. Make sure to leave a comment
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