Fun Things To Do In Summer!

Are you always bored during summer? Nothing to do except sit around watching TV, or using your computer? Summers great, and we all love it, but it gets boring when there is nothing to do! There's somewhere you want to go, but you cant go. Know how that feels? Yeah, I think we all can relate to that. Well here are some things to kick off your summer! These are great ideas that are fun, and you can gather some friends, too! Have a great summer!

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Cool And Fun Things!

1. Go swimming. Swimming is great, and it's fun. Jumping in the pool yelling "HOORAAH!", that's my kind of summer!
2. Ride your bike. Biking is fun, and I love speeding down the street faster than any car can go!
3. Walk your dog. Dogs are great, and both dogs and people love to have fun. You can both have fun by going on a walk, and maybe stopping to play some fetch!
4. Explore. If you live around woods, great! Explore the woods! Discover things you didn't know existed! Have fun!
5. (Hillbillies/Rednecks only!)Build a trap. Want to catch something? A squirrel? A rabbit? Perfect! Go ahead and build a cool trap especially made for catching!
6. (Hillbillies/Rednecks only!)Hunt! Shooting things is great, and I love some great deer jerky! Grab your gun and go!
7. Go fishing. Grab your fishing pole and head out! Have a great time, and maybe even catch some dinner.
8. Go to the movies. Want to watch a great movie? Go ahead and drive down to the movie theatres and grab some popcorn! Sit back and watch the show.
9. Drive down some backroads. If you live in the country, there are certainly backroads where you are. Go ahead and ride down the backroads and enjoy the view!
10. Ride in a boat. Bring your boat out to the ocean (Or any lake, pond, etc.) and start up your boat! Have some fun and maybe stop to catch some fish!
11. Sunbathe. Want to get a nice tan? Go to the beach and relax!
21. Got any ideas? Post them in comments and they will be added to the list! Thanks!
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