Abnormal Days: NEW lore bible

Abnormal Days: NEW lore bible

The new and improved lore bible of Abnormal Days, detailing the adventures of Corbijn, Nolly, Pliggy, and more.

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Chapter 1.

The first story arc synopsis

After Nolly is cast into a well, he wakes up on Corbijn’s head and the two instantly become friends. Corbijn takes Nolly to get some food to help establish their friendship, but after being attacked due to a bar fight that may or may not have been started by a follower of Papa Diablo, Corb and Nolly escape and decide to join a beast man named Pliggy. Pliggy was intending to leave for his own reasons, while Corb and Nolly are more worried about the strange cloaked man that seems to be watching them.

Of course, they fail to realize the cloaked man is working under Papa Diablo so he pursues them and uses a few bribes to get people to attack them. Shortly after, Cloaked Man realizes that much more serious force is needed and he travels back to Planet Beelze while the trio continue to explore. Corb saved Pliggy’s life, leading to the latter to agree to travel along with them. Meanwhile, Papa Diablo has been sending out minions to search for the Eternity Gems so he may seek their power. Cloaked Man happened to be carrying one, and thus gets a promotion.

Corb, Nolly, and Pliggy eventually get in on the Eternity Gem business as they learn more about the Eternity Gems AND Papa Diablo’s Space Mafia. After defeating Silly Slasher on Planet Frips and Bouer on Planet Yerion, the heroes become a big deal to Papa Diablo. It gets to the point that he sends Aerial, one of the strongest Anthroplanes to exist, after them.

Corb and Pliggy discover a pope on Planet Sentinel who tells them the dark secret of the Eternity Gems, and gives them one after passing a trial. Aerial and Corb have their first battle here, but after a rouge anthroplane starts a bomb on the planet, the heroes and Aerial have to postpone the battle to escape.

Soon after, Corbijn, Nolly, and Pliggy find their way to Papa Diablo’s planet in hopes to steal the other Eternity Gems so that they may hide them for good. Aerial and Corbijn have a battle yet again, and after Aerial’s defeat, Papa Diablo finally steps in. Here, it is revealed that Papa Diablo can make portals that shoot things into the future, and he uses the power to redirect Corb’s punches back at him. Meanwhile, Plig and Nolly are breaking in to steal the Gems. After Corb outsmarts Papa Diablo, the heroes try to escape, but a surprise villain snatches the Eternity Gems and the final confrontation occurs.

Eventually, Planet Beelze starts to crumble, and the defeated Papa Diablo and Aerial make an escape plan. Papa Diablo sends Pliggy’s spaceship into a portal and sets up another portal that enables a powerful laser to hit the spaceship. However, Aerial makes a request to be sent into the future a few seconds before the spaceship would be sent to. Thus, Aerial quickly grabs the spaceship and attempts to dodge the laser.

Instead of complete destruction, Aerial and the spaceship are badly damaged, and the heroes and Aerial work together to crash land back onto Arret, the planet the adventure started on. Ariel unfortunately passes away, but the heroes survive and later get the spaceship repaired. As for the Eternity Gems, they were presumably destroyed, and may not be a problem ever again. Corb realizes they crashed landed by a farm Corb used to live on. The group meet Corb’s parents... who seem to be happy Corb returned. The animals, which are monster girls for some reason, seem to be mostly new ones that have not met Corbijn, but a few older ones rejoice that he has made it back to visit and brought some friends. The heroes stay at the farm for the night, but soon they go find a suburban town to live in for the time being.
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