Gravity falls FNAF crossover! Part 1

Gravity falls FNAF crossover! Part 1

It's just a pizza place, or is it? Here's how it goes, Dipper reads newspaper, tells others, they join in, it's that simple

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Chapter 1.
The beggining

The beggining

It's a nice day in Gravity Falls. Dipper is working at the sha- well, everyone is. So dipper says
" Mabel, I don't think Stan pays us enough, we should have like, two jobs to make twice the money" His sister, Mabel, agrees
"hey, let's check the weekly newspaper,it always has some crazy job" so they wait outside for about 5 hours, or thats what it seemed like. Then it finally came.
"Strange" Dipper says, " there usually lots of jobs on here, there's only one and its a security guard at this place called Freddy Fazbears Pizza, let's tell the others" so they tell the others and they all want to go.
"That seems awesome" Wendy says.
"It sure pays a lot so I'm pacified" Stan agrees.
"I dunno, there been a lot of rumors about this place, but I'll go to see if there true" says their handyman, Suess..
"I'm just gonna go to see if you guys get into any trouble" says the twins' great uncle, Ford.
" okay let's go!" Mabel yells in exitement "and I wanna see that bear!"
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on February 27, 2016