Just ask questions! (Personal ask blog)

Just ask questions! (Personal ask blog)

Ask me anything you guys want! I don't care what question you give me, i'll answer them as best as I can! :D

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Chapter 1.

Part 1 (Introduction)

Hi guys! I was bored and decided to make an ask blog for those who want to get to know me more, or if they just want to ask me stuff, then i'm okay with that! This website makes every new story start with at least 2,000 typed letters/numbers, but I don't really have that many things to put in this chapter, so i'm putting in some things that people don't notice that much.

I've made a page for Eddsworld Opposite day AU, and i'm also helping raise awareness for another Eddsworld AU called "Eddsfading". I even made a page for all the TomTord shippers. So, if you want to participate in any of those, then subscribe or request in being a member!

I'll be finishing on a story called "Mixed Emotions". A TomMatTordEdd x reader story. I've finished the first chapter, but I haven't type it all down yet, so be expected to find that any time soon. And if it doesn't show by June, then I won't be back on until AFTER summer.

I've been using my school computer because I really don't have any technology of my own at home. And if anyone wants to ask this, yes, that is a picture of me on top of this... I'm glad for those who have supported me, and those who gave me respect.

Friends on this website is the best thing that could happen to a fellow fanfic writer like me! And to those who enjoy my stories, Questions, polls, and pages, thank you for all your support, Qfeast has given me a lot of fun, and I will be back when I can since the school year is almost over. I'll miss everyone I know on Qfeast. I'll make it a promise that I WILL come back after summer is over.

And please, give me requests on what to do when I come back, stories, polls, questions and pages. And while summer is on, I hope everyone enjoys what i've posted so far on Qfeast! I know when I get back, i'll have A LOT to catch up on. Jesus, My news feed box will be full to the max. I don't have a lot of people that I message, so that won't be a problem.

Anyway, enjoy, and don't forget to ask what you like! I'll look forward to reading your questions! Bye!
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