Restless Hearts.

Restless Hearts.

My father died in 1891, on February 16th. My mother died the next day. It was very strange that it happened so close together. My twin sister, Alice, and I were confused. But as we tried to get over their sudden deaths, more frightening events loomed over us. *I will publish one chapter to see how you peeps like it, and then I'll take it down later to finish it.*

published on March 20, 201611 reads 7 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


        The fire was our only source of light. I looked to Alice, who had her eyes closed. She was focusing very hard. As was I.
        I grabbed her hands, and her eyes fluttered open. "Kathrine, what are you doing?" she asked, yelling over the sound of the wind tearing through the trees.
        "Trust me, Alice, it'll work better if we do it together!" I yelled back. "Close your eyes! We have to stop this!"
        I took a deep breath before opening my mouth to start the spell, but I stopped when I felt Alice's hands ripped from mine. When I opened my eyes, the fire from the candles was out and Alice was gone. I heard a scream.
        "Alice!" I yelled. I spun around, looking for her but I could see nothing in the dark. "Alice, no!"
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I'll put more up.
on March 20, 2016
on March 20, 2016