4 seasons 4 lives

4 lives, can you live all 4? 4 seasons 4 lives. die in each season, come back next season.. Such rotten luck! each season gets worse and worse! Hope y'all enjoy it!

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Chapter 1.


"Boy, it's hot out," you say as you walk down the sidewalk to the corner store. But just as you arrive, this girl appears and glares at you. For some reason, one eye was amber,   and the other was,  well,  half green and half RED. You look away quickly but feel a shiver run down your back. you look back where that girl was standing, but she wasn't there anymore. "Weird" you think.  You come out the store with your ice cream and theres a war going on, nothing about a war was on the news! You walk around it  and there that girl is, flipping through her book. "it looks like a -no it can't be, magic isn't real. that can't be a spell book" you think. You try to take a bite of your ice cream, then your  ice cream is in the other hand. you keep trying but it keps juggling itself. "heck with it" you say. and take a bite for real this time as you eat and go back home.
Once you go back home, you drown in your pool, and die. Suddenly, your in another, world, but it's spring there... "where am I?" you ask someone...she looks like that girl..no it can't be.. you think. Then she says to you, "you, mi amiga, are in Spring, like everyone else. Now head home, your family is waiting for you to come home from the store. Oh! Here take this, " she says and handsd you a bottle with a pearl in it.. "by the way, my name's  Ava. " She says.You look back to where she was standing. She's gone. "AS usual" you think.
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