Character Backgrounds: Phoenix Rising

Character Backgrounds: Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising (this will include Book 1 and will be updated when a new character is introduced and such... this story may just rot I don't know). The main character includes Lucille "Phoenix" Lockwood (real last name is Ryes) and Pyren "Pyre" Hayes. They both have backgrounds and backstories that should be brought to light, and this will kind of help me outline the story I guess. I don't know, I'm still debating.

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Chapter 1.

Lucille Lockwood aka Phoenix Ryes

        In the beginning, she started out as an adult trying to keep her city safe from the darkness that kept trying to take over her world. In her society, they're separated as Darks and lights, darks drew their energy from the moon whereas the lights drew their energy from the sun. She's called the phoenix because inside of her is an energy that is unleashed in phoenix form. It can't be destroyed (hence called the phoenix energy) and can't be taken away. It keeps getting rebirthed through her (even though she never technically dies or reborn except once).

        As a child, she knew she had these abilities because her father had told her about them. She knew what they could do, and how dangerous it could be since she harnessed destructive energy within her body. It had the power to destroy but yet it could create new forms and bring this to life as well. It's confusing. As she got older she was training to learn how to control her abilities, when she got control Darrien Hayes (Pyren's father) attacked the day of a solar eclipse (when the phoenix was at her weakest). She ended up losing badly and forced herself to be reborn knowing that if she was reborn the day of a solar eclipse her body would somehow she'd go stronger and next solar eclipse her body would not be affected because of the rebirth (she mixes energies I guess is a way to put it and kind of morphs into a dark phoenix). She disappears to the mortal realm with a guard and has no memories of what happened, she doesn't even remember she has powers until Pyre comes along as tells her.

Friends: Ashton, Pyre
Parents: King Ignatius Ryes and Queen Apollis Ryes
Sibling(s): Hestia

There's more about her, I just need to work on it a little more. I'm also working on how she got stronger during the eclipse and what she did.
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