Talonpaw's story

Talonpaw's story

So, I decided to write my warrior cat oc's backstory. April 2017: This story is changing for the better. I went through the two existing chapters and made some adjustments, I am now creating my own art for the pictures, there will now be updates more often. (hopefully) Thank you for reading my story.

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Chapter 1.

The beginning.

~The Windclan nursery~

A soft breeze stirred the leaves above Greeneye's head. She paid it no mind; such a cool breeze was normal, and she had more important things to think about. She grit her teeth as another spasm of pain shot through her. "W-when will the kit come?" she asked the medicine cat with a trembling voice. "Soon, Greeneye. Don't worry." Hawkheart placed his paw on Greeneye's flank. Greeneye couldn't help but hiss loudly as she felt the first kit slide out onto the moss. She looked down at the tiny mewling kit, and felt a surge of emotion flow through her like a river. The wriggling kit rolled closed to Gr
eeneye and began to suckle. Greeneye licked the kit on the head. "We will have to be very careful Greeneye. It's leafbare, and the kits need to be protected from the cold," said Hawkheart, examining the tiny kit. Greeneye almost screeched as another jolt of pain shot through her stomach. Hawkheart put his paw against her stomach. "There's two more coming!" he meowed. Slowly, painfully, the other two kits slid out onto the moss. One of them squirmed closer to her stomach, but the other remained still. Hawkheart gently touched the still kit with his nose, and mewed softly, sadness in his voice. "She's dead." Greeneye stared down at the still grey kit and gently nuzzled it. "I'm sorry," said Greeneye. She felt like her heart would break. "It's okay, Greeneye," mewed Hawkheart softly. "It wasn't your fault."
Hawkheart gently pushed the dead kit aside with his paw. "What about the other two? They must receive their names." Greeneye stared at the two wriggling kits. One was a small brown tom with white speckles. The other was a creamy-brown she-cat with stripes and markings. Greeneye sucked in her breath as she felt a sharp pain. The she-cat's claws were unsheathed, sticking into Greeneye's soft belly. "They're like talons..." she thought. "And the brown one's pelt looks like a deer's...". She knew exactly what to name them. "I name them... Deerkit, and ... Talonkit." Hawkheart nodded. "Those are good names," he said. Talonkit mewled.
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This is so good! Please make more great warrior cat stories like this! ;3
Thanks! :3
on July 26, 2016
on July 26, 2016