Catch Me If You Can (1)

Catch Me If You Can (1)

Modern Day Robin Hood, they call him. Stealing from teh rich to give to the poor. Except this is not his intention. His intention is to catch the eye of the stunning police officer, Clara Watson, who also happens to be his roommate. Keeping twisted secrets in an attempt of love, but can a love built on deception ever last?

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First Meeting

First Meeting

(Sorry this chapter is rather short I promise they will become longer, I hope you enjoy! :3)
Sirens ring out as his soft fingers slide across the cold metal of the safe, trembling under the pressure of not yet being fast enough. Muttering foreign words to himself as his nerves are plunged into his stomach, holding him stiff. Seeing him in such a state would make anyone rethink his criminal record and reputation. His skin folds as he smiles, the safe door flying open and hitting him in the upper arm. It’ll bruise, but he’s so used to the scars that it doesn’t bother the young man’s broken mind. His thoughts scatter as he clutches the green paper of which he so much desires.

Twisted in lies of the real world, he races down the metal staircase which he thought was such a hike to get up. There are no rails and the wall looks as if it’s been neglected for so long that it has its own life growing amongst it.
“FREEZE!!” an all too familiar voice yells. The young man looks up startled, placing one foot on the step above him as if to show he will run all the way back up just to escape the police officer just below him. His actions do not illustrate what he’s thinking though. Not at all. Oh how much he wishes to hand himself over to the police, but… He can’t.

“Hey! Come back here!!” he races up the stairs, the officer hot on his tail.
“Never,” he hisses, spinning around to catch the officer by surprise. “I am the modern day Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to give to the poor, stopping me would plunge all the poor citizens who require my aid into death and despair! Is that really what you want?!” narrowing his accusing eyes, his heart beats so loud that he’s sure the officer can hear his fear.
“Well…I…” the officer takes off her hat and sighs. The flickering light above her makes her auburn hair blaze like fire. “I’m sorry, but you have committed many crimes and there’s nothing you can do about it, we’re going to have to take you in,”
“You’ll have to catch me first!!”

The last thing the officer sees is this ‘Modern Day Robin Hood’ flashing her a smirk and disappearing from sight.
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