The challenge S1/2 and MGM most lines

Total lines per characters for the other seasons yet to be done. They were alot smaller and quicker to do.

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Chapter 1.

S1/S2 (did them together)

18th- Alana (0 lines)
Rank- 18th

17th- Pompom (0 lines)
Rank- 17th

16th- Fi fi(2 lines)
Rank- 15th

15th- Neko Nii (3 lines)
Rank- 16th

14th- Hickory (11 lines)
Rank- 14th

13th- Barrb (12 lines)
Rank- 13th

12th- Oxx (12 lines)
Rank- 12th

11th- penny (12 lines)
Rank- 10th

10th- Cloud watcher (15 lines)
Rank- 9th

9th- Wynq (20 lines)
Rank- 8th

8th- Derp (23 lines)
Rank- 11th

7th- Jynx (25 lines)
Rank- 6th

5th- Jackie (28 lines)
Rank- 2nd

4th- Keinoa (31 lines)
Rank- 4th

3rd- Tori (42 lines)
Rank- 7th

Who had more lines... John or Venus
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Comments (2)

just the fact that two of my ocs have the most lines in something
on January 14
The 2 seasons where the winner didn't have the most lines
on January 14