A Star's Dare

A Star's Dare

~Serenity x BlackStar~ If there's anything Serenity and BlackStar like doing more than sparring or making bets with each other, it's a game of truth or dare. However, with people who know Serenity's secret crush playing along, will she have to admit her feelings?

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Chapter 1.


It was a normal day at the DWMA, for the DWMA's standards anyway. Meisters and their weapon partners were looking at the job bulletin board and taking jobs for the past week since things had recently gotten plenty more action with Kishin souls. Even DWMA's dragon meister was hard at work, in fact she had just returned from her latest job in Italy taking down someone who was about to become a full Kishin from consuming so many human souls.
Darkthorn growled with an incredible roar as he came soaring into Death City rather quickly with a certain dragon meister standing on his forehead. As usual, there stood the dragon meister of two, Serenity. Her hair waved with the wind as it blew by, her cross necklace rocked side to side, and she had her arms neatly crossed. Mitsukage perched on her shoulder watching the clouds go by and the buildings below disappear behind the party of two dragons and one human.
Darkthorn soon dived down to a landing at the DWMA's entrance, beating his wings a few more times causing gusts of powerful winds to blast forward and calm to a stop before physically landing with a deafening thud and the ground rumbled beneath his feet. Serenity jumped down from the Shadow Stinger's forehead landing gracefully on her feet and stood up straight with a smile.
"Yet another job a success! Lord Death's gonna be happy we've done so much work, especially since they're his special missions fitted for us." Serenity said looking to Darkthorn- who was now in his smaller form landed on her shoulder- and Mitsukage who had remained on her left shoulder. Both dragons purred their agreement and ran their heads against either of Serenity's cheeks causing her to smile.
"Serenity your back!" A girl said excitedly up at the entrance to the DWMA, causing the raven haired girl to look over. It was Tsubaki, smiling kindly at her as usual. Serenity smiled in return and waved before coming up to the entrance herself, Tsubaki joining her as they walked to Class Crescent Moon.
"Hey Tsubaki! How's it going?" Serenity asked.
"It's going good. How was Italy? You were gone for quite a while." Tsubaki replied.
"It was awesome! Though I have to admit I definitely wasn't used to not hearing BlackStar yelling out to the world he's a star or the greatest assassin."
"That's BlackStar for you." Tsubaki said and giggled.
"How is he anyway?"
"You didn't hear this from me, but he's been a bit sulky since you left for Italy."
"Yeah, he'll be glad to see you again I know it!" Tsubaki smiled. Serenity had the faintest tint of blush dusting across her cheeks, had he really missed her that much? For someone with an ego as big as his he sure did have a soft spot, though he only showed it to so few people, Serenity being one of them.
Eventually the two walked into class, Kid almost instantly greeting the two.
"Hello Tsubaki, welcome back Serenity."
"Hey Kid!" Serenity replied with a smile, Tsubaki greeting him as well.
"How was Italy?" Maka jumped into the conversation.
"It was great! I even got to do a little sight seeing while looking for the Kishin soul."
"So ya slacked off?" Soul added.
"I don't slack off Evans! I was looking for the Kishin soul on Darkthorn's forehead, it's not like I'd be looking around or anything to find it." Serenity replied quite sarcastically. The two were best friends but sometimes Soul could be a real pain to her.
"SERENITY!!!!" A familiar bluenette yelled out and practically tackled Serenity squeezing her in his arms tightly. Serenity had instantly froze startled at the sudden contact, but then laughed it off.
"Hi BlackStar!" She managed to get out as he practically crushed her in a hug.
"BlackStar take it easy on her!" Tsubaki remarked and BlackStar let go of Serenity with a chuckle. Serenity smiled at him, BlackStar returning the smile. He was just as perky as ever, no surprise there!
"You took way too long on that job, I would have had it done in a day cause that's how big of a star I am!"
"Yeah yeah," Serenity giggled. "That near Kishin was actually a lot harder to find than I thought. Darkthorn couldn't even track his scent since he masked it so much with different things."
"I bet they did good anyway, I woulda done better though!"
"I'm sure you would have, but look who got the job? Not you." Serenity replied poking his chest teasingly causing BlackStar to laugh.
"I've got a good idea," Soul butted in with a smirk, causing both the raven haired dragon meister and the bluenette assassin boy to look over. "Since Serenity's back, we should play truth or dare like we did before. Things'll get interesting." He looked at Serenity with that signature grin of mischief, her thinking for a moment before turning away, her face bright red. She knew almost exactly what was to come later that day.
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on December 02, 2015
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