The demon in my heart (ciel x Sebastian)

The demon in my heart (ciel x Sebastian)

Sebastian loves ciel but he keeps getting taken from Sebastian. Ciel constantly is getting hurt. Sebastian must save ciel.

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The first glimpse

The first glimpse

I was sitting and drinking my tea when I heard a loud noise over head.
"Sebastian? Is that you would you please quiet down?" I yelled. The noise continued. "SEBASTIAN PLEASE QUIET DOWN!!" I yelled again finally I got sick of it and walked up there. It was not at all Sebastian but grell.
"Huh?! What are you doing here?!!!!" I asked in fear. Why was he here again I thought Sebastian scared him away.
"Because I need you." He replied licking his lips. I started to yell but grell covered my mouth. He then came to me with a whip and started to whip me. The pain was unbearable and I fainted. All I remember after that was being picked up and bound up.
   When I awoke , it was dark then I realized there was something over my eyes. A blindfold.
"Where am I let me go!!!!!!" I yelled with authority
"Heh heh heh. I can't have that now can i hehehehehhe" replied grell  I swung my body and hit him, hard. He yelled out in pain.
" YOU LITTLE BRAT!" Grell yelled and started to kick me "IF I DIDNT NEED YOU THEN I WOULD BE USING MY CHAINSAW RIGHT NOW" he said continuing to kick me. Then I felt a sharp kick to my mouth and b blacked out again.
         I awoke and could see. I realize the blindfold and my dispatch were removed I was strapped to a chair and strapped with leather straps.
"Good morning sleepy head." Grell said "I'm gonna need you to call your silly butler now." He said spilling
"No not on your command." I replied with authority
"But young ciel don't you want to be saved and not killed?" He said pulling his chainsaw out
"You wouldn't you said you need me so no and don't call me ciel." I replied glaring at him.
"Fine ill be right back" he said and walked down stairs.
"Sebastian save me now."I said quietly so grell wouldn't hear me. Suddenly I heard grell scream out in pain. I was curious but couldn't move. Then I saw why he had screamed. Sebastian was here he came up and broke the straps.
"Hello young master why are you here. You should not be here. Now I will rescue you if promise that you will quit getting kidnapped." He said playfully and broke the straps.
"Quit fooling around and get me outta here. I replied. Suddenly his hand reached out right next to my head and he grabbed something.
"Not so fast grell but nice try. One does not hurt my young master." And with that he grabbed me and jumped out the window.
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Did you guys like it so far? Please tell me if you do ship ciel and sebastian together
on July 03