Maddi just moved to a new town. She and her mom are on their own, and she has to make it work. Maddi goes to a new high school, but soon finds that she doesn't know where she belongs.

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Chapter 1.
High School

High School

"Maddi, honey, please start unpacking!" My mom says, looking at me.
"Mom, I have!" I say, motioning to the clothes on the floor.
"Clothes are not everything." She says quietly.
"It's my first day at high school tomorrow. These kids already know each other, and I don't!" I start going through a box of pictures.
"You'll make friends quick." Mom smiles.
"Mom, I don't just make friends. I will be that new girl that nobody knows." I say, missing my friends back in Alabama.
"Why don't you head down to the beach; I'll start unpacking for you." Mom says, ripping tape off of a cardboard box. "That's why we live right on the beach."
"Fine." I say, digging for my swimsuit. I quickly change, grab my phone, and run out the door. The air is hot, and the sun is bright. I walk down the road and come up to the entrance to the beach. Loads of teenagers occupy the sand, making the best of their last day of summer vacation. I walk quickly, sand getting stuck in my flip flops.
A man with an ice cream cart walks around, looking rather sketchy. I speed up when he gets hear me. Everyone sits in clusters, talking, laughing, not even noticing me walking to the edge of the water. I plop down, letting the water reach my toes. I lean my head back, facing the sun. I imagine my friends being here now, talking about boys and clothes. I almost smile, for the first time in months.

My alarm rings loudly, obnoxiously. I slam my palm against it and practically fall out of bed. I smell eggs cooking. I run to my closet, but and see my mom has color coded everything.
"Wow." I mutter, pawing through outfits. I see a turquoise tank top, and some jean shorts. I yank them off the hangers and start getting dressed.
"Maddi, breakfast is almost ready!" Mom yells from the kitchen.
"Hold on, I have to do my hair!" I say, looking in the long mirror. My blonde hair looks a mess, like someone just put some birds in there and told them to make a nest. I brush out my hair and straighten it; it almost goes down to my butt.
"Honey, it's done hurry up will ya!" Mom shouts.
"Coming!" I yell back, flicking on mascara. I walk into the kitchen and eggs and toast sit on a plate.
"I managed to get the plates out." Mom says when she sits down, obviously proud of herself. I scarf down the eggs and put my plate in the sink.
"Thanks for breakfast Mom, but I gotta run." I say, rushing to the bathroom to brush my teeth.
"Remember, school is a 5 minute walk." She says when I come back out.
"Okay, see ya." I say and grabbing my bag. It's the kind with an Aztec design that makes me feel like a Native American, which I'm clearly not.
"Bye, sweetie." She says as I walk out the door.
Kids all walk with people, down the road to the high school. I walk alone, feeling like I'm getting a sun burn. I used to live in the woods, where the trees blocked out the sun light. I didn't live near a beach, but near a lake. I swam in that with the fish, I rode dirt bikes, and I hunted. This is nothing like my old life.
I come up to the high school, which looks like a prison.
"Okay, scary." I say quietly, following a group of jocks. I look for the front office, which is in a little building near the parking lot.
A small, plump woman sits behind the desk. "Hello dear, can I help you?" She asks, clearly surprised to see someone in here.
"Yeah, I just need my schedule." I say, leaning my arms onto the desk.
"You didn't get one in the mail?" She tilts her head, like a dog.
"No, I just moved here yesterday and I didn't get one." I say, impatient.
"What's your name?" She pulls up something on the computer.
"Maddi Worth." I shift my bag.
"Okay." She hands me something fresh out of the printer.
"Thanks." I say, pushing the door back open. 1st period, science. Room 203. Science, building 1.
"Different from middle school." I mutter, walking around to find the science building. I finally come up to a brick building. "SCIENCE, BUILDING 1." I open the metal doors. Kids stand by lockers, talking and catching up. I walk through the hallway and find room 203. I walk through the door and see about 15 kids.
I walk to the teacher's desk. "Hi, uh, where do I sit?" I ask, my palms sweating. She turns her head to me.
"I don't care." Her voice sounds bored.
"Okay." I say, walking and finding an empty lab table. Across from me are the jocks I followed, who are talking about hot girls. In front are a group of what appears to be snobby, rich girls with weird dogs in their purses. I pull out my phone and start playing a game. I look up to see the girls staring at me. There are 3 of them.
"Hi, you're really pretty." The one in the middle says, whose clearly the leader of the group.
"Thanks." I mutter. The other two girls nod at the same time. Both of the side girls are wearing ponytails and green shirts. The one in the middle is wearing her hair curled and a pink tank top.
"What's your name?" The middle girl says.
"Maddi." I say.
She smiles. "Well, I'm Abbie." She says. "This is Lorie." She motions to the girl on the left. Lorie has a small face and red hair. "And Louise." She points to the girl on the right, who has brown hair and tan skin. Abbie has bleach blonde hair, fake eyelashes, fake tanned skin, and way too much makeup.
"Cool." I say, turning my attention back to my game. One of the jocks starts whispering.
"Who's that?" He whispers to another guy.
"I don't know, ask Abbie. She seems to know her." The short guy says.
"Hey Abbie." The guy who asked who I was says. I turn to see him mouthing, "Who's that?" And pointing at me.
"Guys, this is Maddi." She says in a fake voice, trying to make a cute face.
"Hey Maddi." The guy says. He has black hair, that looks like it has enough oil to destroy every ocean in the world.
"'Sup." I say, leaning back and turning off my phone.
"I'm John." Greasy hair says.
"And I'm Matthew!" Short guy says.
"That's cool." I say, pushing my hair out of my face.
"So, Maddi, wanna have lunch with us?" Abbie says, batting her fake lashes.
"Um..." I look around awkwardly.
"Oh my God, who's this?" A girl behind me says. I turn around to see two girls, each equally pretty. The girl who said that has gorgeous hair; it's ombre, brown on top, blonde on the bottom. Her eyes look like chocolate. The girl beside her has black hair and green eyes. Both of them are tan. Not cheeto tan like Abbie, but bronze.
"I'm Maddi." I smile, thinking that these girls would probably be nicer than Abbie.
"Cool! I'm Claire." Ombre says.
"And I'm Jade." Black hair says.
"Okay, no one cares!" Abbie says loudly. "Maddi wants to hang out with us!" She practically screeches.
"Let her decide." Claire says, confidently.
"Okay, Maddi, who do you want to have lunch with?" Abbie says, pursing her lips.
"Um..." I feel awkward and on the spot. "Claire and Jade." I stand up. They smile, but Abbie looks like she's going to explode.
"That was the worst mistake you will ever make!" Abbie says, grabbing her dumb purse and walking off, followed by her fake minions.
"Nice." Jade says.
"Awesome!" Claire says.
"Wow, she's hot." John says to Matthew.
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