Cheated (truth or dare two)

Cheated (truth or dare two)

Luna moves to her new schools and finds her self in the center of drama and falling in love. Jasper thinks Luna is cheating on him he might be right.

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Chapter 1.

New town, new school, new life

A month after truth or dare

I stared at my house correction my old house. It would never be mine again it had been the place I had grew up or it least spent 16 years of my life. Our stuff had already been taken about an hour ago by a moving truck so I had nothing besides a small bag that I swung over my shoulder and sun glasses. We were just about to get in the car leaving our house forever when I saw Jasper running down the streets.

"Jasper", I said.

He kissed me.

"I'm going to miss you so much", he said.

"Don't forget me", I said.

Dad sat in the drivers seat and honked the horn.

"Well bye", I said.

I kissed Jasper on the cheek and opened the door to the car. I plopped into the backseat next to Carl and frowned. I was leaving home and never coming back. The new town was about 40 minutes from are old town but it felt like more. The town was bigger and more populated. My friends and I had often gone here for shopping. We went down a side road and saw a house that was smaller but taller then put old one. It was a cream color with two windows next to the door. There was a chimney so we must have a fire place.

"Welcome home", mom said.

"It hardly feels like a home", I said.

"Check it out", dad said.

Mom grabbed a key and unlocked the door. The door creaked as we opened it and inside the house was okay it was pretty but not somewhere I would call home.

"There are two upstairs bedrooms and a down stairs bedroom let me know what one you want", mom said.

"I call first pick", Carl said.

"Hey no fair", i said.

I raced Carl upstairs and I could here my parents laughing. I entered the first room to my right it had a porch and a sky window. It was slightly bigger then my old room. I passed the bathroom and entered a room that was a around the same size as my old one and also had a sky light. I ran down the stairs hoping to report to mom before Carl did.

"I want the first one the one with the porch", I said.

"You haven't even seen the other one", mom said.

"Well I want this one", I said.

"Hey no fair", Carl said who just got down the stairs.

"Well Luna asked first", dad Said.

"Yes", I said.

Carl glared at me and we entered the last bedroom it was the biggest yet and had a built in bathroom.

"I will take this one", Carl shouted.

"Kay", mom said.
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