Tiny Tower Floor Renames

Tiny Tower Floor Renames

These are my recommendations for Tiny Tower floor renames. If something doesn't have a second name on it, that means I couldn't think of anything.

published on December 06, 201434 reads 11 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.


Airline Food- Flyin' Food
Asian Cuisine- Asian Food
Bakery- Honey Yums Bakery
BBQ Place- Backyard BBQ
Cheese Shop-
Coffee House- Starfishbucks
Diner- 7:00-7:00
Donut Shop- Dunk It
Fancy Cuisine- Elle Me Dit
Frozen Yogurt- Cherryberrybomb
Hot Dog Joint- Hot Dogs
Italian Food-
Mexican Food- Salsacos
Pancake House- Stack 'Em
Pizza Place- Hotzza
Scoops- Penguin Cones
Sky Burger- Bantha Burger
Smoothie Shop-
Sub Shop- Bongo's Sandwiches
Sushi Bar-
Tea House- Tea For Me
Vegan Food-
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Comments (1)

Haha, Elle Me Dit and Teenage Circus. xD
on December 06, 2014