Something Strange About Sapphire.

In the world, there are several humans, girls, who have special abilities. And where there is power, there is someone who wants it all for themselves. 4 girls are snatched away from their homes. Jade, who can move objects with her mind. Amber can create fire and ice in the palm of her hand. Ruby heals people. And Sapphire, the strangest of them all, was born with all 3 gifts above, and one extra gift, which no one knows. The man who ordered them to be taken is scared of what that power can be. each girl was born with an identical scratch on their arms, except Sapphire, who has 4. The man who took them uses them for his own personal gain. They are locked in a basement, with no way out...

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Sapphire POV

        I shove my hands into my pockets as a cold breeze whips my hair around my face.
I refused a ride to school, because my school is only 5 blocks away, but now that I think
about it, I should have taken my mom up on that offer. Too late now, she’s probably at
work already.
        I shiver and rub my arms, trying to bring life back to my frozen limbs.
        I hear a car behind me, and turn my head. A black van is creeping along the road
behind me, the tires crunching the gravel, making it hard to ignore it. The car gives me
the creeps, and the hairs on my arms stand up, and it’s not from the cold. I look over as
the car comes to a slow and matches my pace. I speed up, and so does the car.
        The window rolls down, and a man leans out. “Hey, do you need a ride?”
        I shake my head and break into a jog. I hear lots of mumbling, then the car races after me.
        I’m about to sprint when I hear a click behind me, and the same voice says:
“Don’t move. Back up slowly, and I won’t shoot you.”
        I freeze, and back up. A hand grabs me by the waist, and I suck air in, preparing to scream,
but my mouth is covered by a big, beefy hand. Tears well in my eyes.
        I’ve never given much thought to how I would die, but I never thought I would die like this.
I blink a few times, to clear the tears from my eyes. I don’t cry.
        “Now get in the car, Sapphire.”
        How does he know my name? I think to myself. When I don’t get in the car, he takes it as a
sign of defiance, and jabs me in the side with the barrel of the gun.
        “I said move it!” The gruff voice hisses in my ear.
        Terrified, I step into the car, right into the waiting arms of another man, another captor.
I’m pushed into his lap, and though I struggle fiercely, he binds my wrists and ankles,
slaps a piece of tape over my mouth, and wraps a blindfold tightly around my eyes.
The last thing I see is the grinning smirk of my captor, then the blindfold is placed over my eyes.
        I’m still sitting in the man's lap, his hands are on my shoulders, to assure I won’t try to escape.
I feel something brush against my neck, the man is smelling my hair! What a creep.
He takes a deep breath, and exhales, and I just know he has a big smile on his face.
His hand brushes my hair behind my ear, and chuckles.
        I knew it. I’ve been kidnapped by crazy perverts, who are going to rape me, kill me,
and dump my body in a lake. I start shaking. Not gonna happen. I bring my head forward,
and slam it back as hard as I can, connecting with something solid. Pain explodes in my own head,
and I hear someone cuss behind me, and releases me. I swing my arms over my head,
and crawl toward what I think is the door. My head hits something hard and cold,
and I reach up pull on the handle with my bound hands. The hear the door opens on it’s own,
it’s the kind of car that opens when you pull on the handle. The car has come to a stop,
and I hear honking behind me. We’re in the middle of traffic. Perfect. I’m about to crawl/jump out of the car,
and half of my body is out of the car when a hand grabs my ankle, and pulls me back.
        What? NO! I was so close! I squirm around and succeed in making not so loud noises in the
back of my throat. I hear the clank of the door shutting, and with that sound all of the energy and hope is
drained from me, and I go limp, sobbing into my blindfold. After a while, my nose gets stuffed, and my
breathing quickens. I start to panic. I’m gonna suffocate to death!
        I hear a sigh behind me.
        “Don’t kill yourself, kid.” The tape is ripped from my mouth.
        “Oww!” I exclaim. I bring my bound hands to my mouth, and rub it, though it doesn’t do much.
        Then I realize 2 things.
        First, I can reach up with my hands and tug the blindfold down, which I do.
        And second, I can talk now.
        After I remove my blindfold I blink several times, and take a look around, surveying my surroundings.
It’s a dirty, cluttered mess, is all I can think of.
        I whip my head around, and stare at the man behind me. I smile triumphantly when I see his swollen nose. Score!
        “Who are you? What do you want from me? Where are you taking me? Why are you doing th-” I rant, until he cuts me off
by pressing a finger to my lips.
        “Shut up. You’ll know soon enough.”
        I don’t like his answer, but I turn around anyway, remembering the gun. My eyes are finally adjusting to the
sudden brightness from taking my blindfold off.
        The car comes to a sudden stop, and I lurch forward, out of his grasp, and I’m helpless as my face plummets to the ground.
        A hand reaches out, and catches my face before it hits the ground, and lifts me up. The man behind me grabs my arms,
and takes a knife out of his pocket, and I flinch. He chuckles, and brings the knife down, and cuts the tape off my ankles.
        I sigh in relief. He hoists me up, and I almost hit my head on the roof of the car. He grabs the roll of duct tape off of the floor, and faces me.
        “We’re going to take you out of the car now. Are you going to cooperate, and stay quiet, or are we gonna have to gag you?”
He asks, twirling the tape around his finger.
        I gulp, look at the ground. “I’ll cooperate.” I lie, but if I get the chance, I’m running for the hills.
        He nods, and pushes me out of the car. I break free from him, and sprint down the street. I crash to the ground,
and feel a body topple onto me, knocking the wind out of me. I’m pulled to my feet, and the blindfold is placed back over my eyes.
I curse inwardly. The ground suddenly drop out from under me, and I feel myself being flung over someone’s shoulder.
I hear a door open and slam, and then another door opens, but doesn’t shut. I’m placed on the ground, and the blindfold is
yanked off my head, and the tape on my wrists cut. He shoves me forward, making me trip, and sprawl across the floor.
I look behind me, and watch as the man retreats up a flight of stairs.
        Before he closes the door, he looks straight at me, and smiles.

        “Introduce yourself to your, eh hem, roommates.” He says, then he closes the door.

        I hear movement behind me, and take a deep breath.

        Who’s in here with me?
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