A Little Too Late. (a Yamaguchi Tadashi x Reader FF.)

A Little Too Late. (a Yamaguchi Tadashi x Reader FF.)

When Yamaguchi saw you, he realized that he was a little too late. (A Haikyuu! Fanfiction) All rights reserved, copyrights go to their respective owners.

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A Little too late.

Yamaguchi went to the flower shop and picked up a bouquet of (favorite flower) for (y/n). As the bouquet of flowers lied down on his soft, gentle hands, he hurried down the road, his pace quicker than his usual walking speed. The black-haired male clutched the body of the flowers with his hands, as if the said action would make him teleport to the hospital building in an instant.

He wanted to see her right now, it had barely been a day yet (y/n) kept invading his mind, and trespassing his thoughts. The volleyball player wanted to hug her tightly and embrace her body with his own warmth and make her feel his love forever, how he wished he could do that.

As he set foot on the hospital grounds, a sense of uneasiness wrapped around his mind, he bit his lip in an attempt to calm himself down and convinced himself that it was just him being anxious. It somehow settled his heart even if it was just a little, but the said feeling earlier was still there, lingering in his mind.

Almost as if time moved faster than usual, he realized that he already reached your floor. He made small steps towards your room, his pace going back to normal due to relief of being a few steps away from your door, yes, that door, once he opens it, he will see your bright smile again and his heart will beat faster the more her (e/c) orbs stare deep into his brown ones with a loving expression engraved on her face and her trademark greeting "Yaho~ Tadashi-Chan!"

He looked down to the floor as he was now on the front of her room door and his long, slim fingers took hold of the doorknob, twisting it open. The door make a creaking sound as it was being pushed by the freckled male. He now looked up and had expected a beautiful smile gracing her features, but what he saw made him wish that he never cocked his head up.

He really wished he didn't.

There he saw, (y/n)'s sister, Akira, was crying in the sheets, bawling her eyes out like there was no tomorrow, a nurse tried calming Akira down, but to no avail, the girl won't stop crying. The 2 doctors held a sorry expression on their faces as they looked at Tadashi. He saw all this but what caught his attention was the (h/c) locks he loved so much spread out all over the pillow, (y/n)'s pale skin, and her once shining eyes, were closed.

Tadashi knew what was happening, but he didn't wanna believe it. Tears brimmed the corner of his eyes, but he quickly wiped them off with the gentle fabric of his sleeves, mustering up all of the courage he had, he decided to ask the doctors what the scene unfolding in front of him is about.

"M-May I ask what i-is happening...?" His voice cracked and the question he asked left a bad taste on his mouth. The doctors just looked away from him with guilt-stricken faces.

Akira finally took notice of the 1st year and got an envelope out of the drawer and handed it to him. She stared at him with red puffy eyes with a sad smile.

"This will serve as your answer."

Yamaguchi nodded as a lone tear rolled down his cheek.

November 9.
From: (L/N) (F/N).
To: Yamaguchi Tadashi.

Hey Tadashi.

I don't really know what to say, I mean, I have cancer so my death is inevitable.
Just do know I love you so much okay? Never forget about me.
Your birthday is tomorrow, I have a present for you, and it's in the drawer above where this letter was put in.
I hope you someday find the person who will make you happy and live happily for the rest of your life

I love you. Yamaguchi Tadashi.


By the time he finished reading the letter addressed to him, his cheeks were wet with tears and he felt like he couldn't anymore breath, sobs escaped his mouth as his voice cracked, he fell down to the floor and clutched both the letter and the bouquet close to him.

"Damnit (y/n), you're the only one who can make me happy!" His voice was muffled but loud enough for the other people in the room to hear it.

His sobs were full of sadness, agony, and despair, his balled his fists to the point where his knuckles turned almost white and punched the wall.

"I love you. (y/n)..." Tears continuously streamed down his face as he wiped it with his clothes, trying to get rid of them.

'I guess I was a little too late...'

A/N: ... I felt sad writing this 😕
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