Project Hologram

Cyruss is forced to train a new Demon Hunter Prodigy Named Kira who is able to summon holographic weapons and objects.

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Chapter 1.

New Trainee

Cyruss sat alone in front of the DHA HQ waiting for his new prodigy while his friend were on a mission.
"Why do I have to baby sit the new girl?" he complained.
"Because you're the Champion, The Savior, the Hero..." Rose said through her communicator as she dodged several energy beams .
"And you drew the smallest straw" Jason added as Cyruss heard several explosions in the background.
"Is everything alright?" he asked
"Perfectly fine!" May replied Shooting at an unknown enemy.
"Where are you?"
"That's...classified,Sorry Cyruss" Rose said before the line went dead.

"Are you Cyruss?" a short girl stood in front of him, She wore a white suit with no color other than a strange blue pattern that seemed to connect each other to circles of the same color.

"Yeah, Unfortunately..."He mutters bitterly
"What?" she said thinking she had said something wrong.
"So you're the new recruit right, or is that some strange new fashion I haven't heard about?"
"Cuz if it is, I may have lost faith in this entire world" Cyruss interrupted
"I'm the new recruit" She said trying to how much his words hurt her.
"Thank goodness...We should get to work" Cyruss walked away followed by his new protege.

She followed behind him neither of them saying a word even if a thousand questions crossed her mind.
They walked until they reached the forest outside the city walls.

"Cyruss?" she turned to her mentor immediately upon sensing a nearby demon.
"I was told you were a prodigy, if you're worth my time slay all of the demons that come to kill us within the hour" he said with a cold tone in his voice.
"What? That's insane!" She replied
He sat down with his arms crossed not saying a word to her as a dozen large demons come crashing through the trees to get to them.

She had summoned a cyan translucent sword and shield in her hands.
Demon after demon, wave after wave
for an hour they kept coming until her energy level was at it's limit, she collapsed on the ground
but before the Monsters could touch her he slayed the horde in an instant.

"Looks like you passed my test...but are you sure you want to continue?" He asked
"Yes! I have too!" She said with a determined voice that reminded him of someone.
"You just lived an hour in the life of a specialist, but our enemies are much worse than this horde and they never stop coming, this life has no happy endings...So I ask again knowing this Do you really want to live this life?!" he asked again.

"To defend those important to me, Yes I do!" She said with an even more determined voice than before.
Cyruss grinned as he placed his hand on top of her head.

"Our training starts tomorrow, but before that I want you to meet a few friends"
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