Dark Life (Demon)

Zero a boy born too live as a servant his entire life too the Underworld's Blaze house...But it wasn't bad Erika and her younger brother were kind enough to him, But because of their family's kindness they were considered the weakest devil house in the underworld... But even so Lucifer saw potential in the younger brother and made him the Champion of the underworld the one too open the gates of hell onto earth. After Cyruss's betrayal Nero protected his master so he could escape. He was soon imprisoned in the underworld Prison for treason... but soon meets a boy named Jason who helps him escape. But What this boy will do after escaping? I don't know... His destiny is his to control.

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Chapter 1.


I remember Cyruss running away
I turn to look Lucifer in the eye
As a servant my life doesn't matter and I will do what ever it takes too protect my masters.
Even if it meant I had too fight the reigning lord of Hell it's self

"Hey kid, You're awake!" I hear a boy's voice
I look around the small stone prison cell, the voice came from the cell next to mine,
My armor was replaced by loose white rags of clothing with a little rope for a belt.
"What's your name?" He asked casually.
"Zero" I reply hesitantly wondering who or what I was talking too.
"I see, My name's Jason, nice to meet you!" He said
"who are you?" I asked
"I already told you my name...but if you're talking about WHO I am...that can wait until we're better acquainted, and nothing makes a better first impression than helping a guy bust outta prison, Now let's go amigo!" he said excitedly
"Anyways, You should be able to walk through that prison door, don't ask what I did...just go through" he said
I walked through the steel bar door as he instructed, passing through like nothing was there.
My blade appeared by my side the second I passed through, so did Jason.
He appeared to be my age, he had black hair and wore a Dark grey Jacket over a white shirt.
"Great we're out I'll just follow you" He said lazily
"Lead the way" he added.

We walked out of the Prison level and made our way to the front door, the Castle was surprisingly unguarded but the Front door was Locked.
"I have another Idea, wait here Until I say you can come up" Jason said with a smile.
I waited and waited until finally he called me up,
as we made our way up the Devil Castle we passed by so many dead bodies and just as much bodyless pools of blood.
You couldn't even tell if they were killed by a weapon or not, as their wounds seemed unidentifiable from where we stood.

We made it to a throne room where a man with heavy armor stood.
"What are you two doing up here?!" He asked
"Yeah, while you're here could you tell your 'living' servants we're sorry about the mess...I'm not even joking it's a mess out there" Jason said casually.
"Those idiots...they couldn't even detain 2 prisoners" The Man muttered.
"Now listen kid, I've done most of the fighting now I wanna see if you have what it takes to continue on" He said
'Have what it takes?' I wanted to ask what he meant but couldn't get the words out.
"Now go get him! Don't worry I'll help, you won't die! He's just a devil how hard could he be?"
"Alright atta boy, now go get him!" Jason said as he pushed me into battle.

After the battle the devil disappeared.
"Great the Exit is up ahead...now don't ask me those things you wanted to ask earlier because you're not ready for the full story...not yet anyway" Jason said turning his back to me...
I didn't know what to say...
or do...
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