Dork diaries Briannas story

Dork diaries Briannas story

Brianna just got a diary what is HER feelings and true opinions about Nikki and Brandon

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Chapter 1.


I can not believe my very own sister.

It all started when mum alsked me if i wanted my own diary like Nikkis. "Honey this will be a great opportunity for you to pass your feelings" mum said happily "ok" I said super cheerful like.

Maby she had my phone inside, because Nikki had a phone I wanted one to.

"Here you go honey" she said as she handed me a GLAMOROUS pink Jean coverd book with white perls and diamonds on it.

I gasped "WOW" and that's for me. "Yep nothing is to expensive for my little honey boo boo" she said squshing my cheeks.

"Cool" I said as I marched to Nikkis room I wanted to share a diary club secret.

"Nikki" I said shaking her "it's 7.30am on a Saturday" she grumbled and smacked her face on to the pillow. "Can we talk about something" I said shaking her shoulder.

"Get your troll hands off me Brianna" she hissed "I need to talk to you" I said sternly "fine what" she muttered "I have a diary to" I announced.

"Now you can stop trying to take mine" she grumbled I thought this would be the perfect time to tell her my secret.

"So has Brandon said anything about me" I giggled. Nikki eyes when as big as skyscrapers.

"No why" she said alarmed "well I like him" I announced "as a friend" she asked frantically.

"No I wanna date him" I said. Firstly glared at me with her eyes wide open then bursted into spontaneous giggles

"What's so funny" I asked. "Brandon's 15" she giggled "so" I snapped "because he's MY crush to" Nikki snapped.

I blinked in disbelief she is steling my crush now I can't believe her. Nikki stood up and started ripping ugly shirts out of her draw.

"What are you doing" I alsked "getting ready for my date" Nikki grinned "WITH WHO" I yelled it better not be- "Brandon and there is no need to yell" she said happily.

I could not believe my very own sister was STELING my crush from under my nose like that.

"So Brianna" she alsked looking innocently at me "what dress" she said holding 2 dresses. One was pink and sparkly the other was red and fancy.

"Pink" I muttered quietly "cool" she said like she hadn't just STOLEN the love of my life Brandon.

Anyway I sat quietly on her bed staring at her carpet wondering why she was doing this as Nikki did her hair and makeup.

"Bye Brianna" she said half an hour later as she hugged me goodbye.

I think I have some spying to do.

OMG you will Never believe what my terrible sister did. After Nikki left I followed her to the cupcakeary. Then entered under the table as Nikki and Brandon chatted.

"Wow Nikki I love that dress you have an amazing fashion sense" Brandon glushed "thank you NIKKI flirted".

OMG I was the one who chose that dress NOT Nikki. Brandon and Nikki orderd some cupcakes. I felt a major pang of jelousey as Brandon handed Nikki a pink cupcake with love hearts all over it.

Then at the end of the night Brandon walked Nikki outside and told her that he cherished every moment they had together.

Then Nikki lent in for a pasunate kiss that is when I whent from furious to LAVID. How DARE she.

I couldn't take it anymore so I got up and ran past Nikki and Brandon of corse they where super shocked to see me storm out like that but I didn't care.

I ran and ran untill I saw a massive tree in the middle of he park and diary I climbed that tree it was big and very risky.

It was 9.00 am but it was super dark in the park because it was shaded.

I sat on the highest tree branch and cried and cried I will NEVER come down I HATE YOU NIKKI I WILL NEVER SPEAK TO YOU FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE!!!

(Hi readers I'm the author I hope you enjoyed this episode the others will be longer I promise)
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PLEASE PRITTY PLEASE WRITE ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I kind of lost interest is dork diaries....but the continued version is Brandon's story
on November 27, 2015
on November 27, 2015
nice job. you should write more!
on October 20, 2015
Good job! There should be another one
Like Brandon's journal or Mackenzie's diary
on August 30, 2015
on August 30, 2015
Love it!
on August 30, 2015