Pack of Wolves: Pup to Alpha

Pack of Wolves: Pup to Alpha

This book is about a Alpha named Jumpingheart. His the Alpha of Heartpack. He once a pup now a Alpha, but what happens before his alpha? His mother death is unforgotten in his head. As he hunts down the murderer of his mother.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

Jumpingpup stepped out of the nursery as did his sister, Kindpup. Kindpup was taller than most pups with her her brown and white fur. Unlike Jumpingpup his all brown like his father, Rockjaw, who is a timber wolf. Jumpingpup decided to head to the prey pile where his best friend, Longpup, was. Who is the alpha's, Whiteheart, son.
As Longpup who was an all white wolf ate a brown furred rabbit he looked up and saw Jumpingpup.
"Nice to see your awake." Longpup teasingly spoke. Then continued eating his rabbit.
"Yes, I am awake." Jumpingpup barked back as he dragged a white mouse out of the prey heap, and started to eat.
Jumpingpup liked mice, but when he grows up he knows he'll have to start eating rabbits. Which wouldn't be bad if he wasn't the size of a football. He was the smallest pup out of all the nursery. He hated being so small, but he put up with it. Twice he knew he'd grow up to be a very strong warrior one day. Maybe there'll be stories of him fighting off threatening packs and other things like it. Just maybe there'll be a ceremony of his work for the pack.
Soon Longpup and Jumpingpup finished up their breakfast.
"Wanna play tagging rock?" Longpup questioned Jumpingpup as he liked his lips.
"Yea sure, but first we need to find a rock," Jumpingpup replied.
They both went searching for a rock, but Jumpingpup was the first one.  He showed Longpup as he got the rock settled in his mouth. His ears pricked up as Longpup yelled out.
"You're it!"
As his friend ran away. He watched as Longpup front paws extended forward. Back paws boosting him forward. Longpup became a white blur like his father is able to do. Jumpingpup chased after his friend, quite easily in fact. His father was very talented in chasing that's why he's able to chase anything easily.
Jumpingpup caught up with Longpup and pounced down on him getting dirt on his friend pelt.
"You got me. No fair!" Longpup faked whimpered as his friend got off him.
"Son we need to talk." His mother howled out to her son.
" Maybe later Jumpingpup" Longpup called over his shoulder as he headed to his mother's area.
Depression filled up Jumpingpup as his friend walked away. He knew today was Longpup last day as a pup. Soon he'll earn his apprentice name. While Jumpingpup four moons old. Longpup was six moons old.
"All wolves old enough to hunt come to high ledge." Whiteheart alpha of the pack. Howled out.
The warriors came marching to the ledge. All the warriors looked buffed and had scars on them. All of them were different and he saw his father. Rockjaw strong and a quick learner.
The queens came next. Slowly, but did come. Jumpingpup mother, Flowerpelt, in the mix.
Now the elders came no faster than the queens. The elders were graying with time. They walked slowly to not break the fragile bones that fill their body. They all sat down and waited for their alpha to speak.
" Today a pup becomes an apprentice with their along waited time." Whiteheart barked out. Looking over his pack. "Longpup come forward. For it's your time to become an apprentice."
Longpup slowly approached the ledge and then stopped and looked up at his father.
"With your mentor being Rockjaw you'll be known as Longpaw" Whiteheart smiled as his old friend walked forward and looked upon his new apprentice.
"Rockjaw with your very good talent of hunting and fighting. You shall make Longpaw a good warrior of Heartpack." The white he-wolf waited a bit then howled out " Clear high ledge!"
Jumpingpup was depressed watching as his father and his best friend left the cave.
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Why does this sound like a Warriors story?
Because it is sorta like one, but with wolves and dogs.
I knew that. Totally.
on October 15, 2017
on October 15, 2017
on October 15, 2017
Hey this is a really good story idk if this is a coincidence but this story basically describes one of my wolf characters
on October 04, 2017