PrincessPorcelainDoll22 bio analysis

PrincessPorcelainDoll22 bio analysis

for princess porcelain and why shes a racist lmao ok lol pee poo yea so

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name: lendora rain

cool. you change it all the time. just like your race.

what im struggling with: schizophrenia and hearing voices (negative thoughts) some people like to call them "devil idol mind" idek why but thats what some ppl call them please help me to get rid of schizophrenia and the voices im hearing I wanna be normal again

as someone who has studied alot about schizophrenia, i’ve never heard someone call it devil idol mind.. Huh? also by saying “i wanna be normal again” you’re making it seem like people with schizophrenia aren’t normal which is really degrading and most schizophrenic people know there’s no cure. if it helps there is medicine you can take to tone it down

reasons why I have it: I got bullied / I got picked on alot / I got assaulted in high school / got chased after during training classes / had a serious break down after got told and lied on /

basically you’re self diagnosing. schizophrenia doesn’t come from being bullied, it can be genetics, or it can just come on randomly throughout life. other mental illness can come from trauma like that but i don’t think schizophrenia does that.

race: im naturally biracial and black American

i thought you were chinese last week and “spanish” a couple months ago.

do I have any friends: nope , except the ones I grew up with

not surprised.

im also in a sperated relationship right now , just cause im separated dont mean you can date me unless if I chose to be with you if I feel that my separated boyfriend dumped me

what do you mean. what do you mean you feel that he dumped you. he either dumps you or doesnt.

house from Harry Potter: im a ravenclaw baddie lmao


im also a ben 10 fan , thats why I take ben 10 love quizzes cause hes my idol crush hehe if I was dating him for real yall would be jealous cause hes super fine and handsome ;) (since im a ben 10 fan , dont mess with me cause I will be ready to kick some tails with Ben Tennyson)

you said you were 21 a while ago, isnt ben ten a ten year old? also i’m not jealous of a ten year old cartoon character and a racist self diagnosing asswipe.

fave ben 10 alien character: Ben Tennyson / Julie / Gwen Tennyson / rook blanko / kevin levin (some how he rarely look like me when my hair is dark) /


birth sign: gemini (thats me and ben Tennyson's birth sign we both dont play lmao)

i’m a gemini too sadly.. and i agree, i dont play with people who are racist and ableist.

I was born in the spring time (some people think im from the summer time , maybe its cause of my name is summer? idek or maybe they lost of what season they're were born from) so im a spring princess :)

you aren’t a princess

type of person I am: shy friendly cute funny and friendly + intelligent and smart

none of those.

im a human and angel :) im a angel princess also

humans can be princesses too so why did you say “human and angel and angel princess also” like humans cant be princesses. also didn’t you basically call yourself a devil earlier..?

I grew up watching raven symone on Disney channel I also watched hanna Montana but mostly I watched raven symone (thats so raven and ravens home) I also loved this black beautiful princess movie called princess and the frog we need more black Disney movies and shows we only have a little bit cause I feel Disney is sort of racist to me

im sure disney has been racist but was this necessary to include in your bio..?

thats it. rating 2/10 because there were only two things that didn’t matter but. overall this is... ew...
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0 stars i Love ppd ! /j /s
on March 22