The unknown saviours

The unknown saviours

A strange girl persuades a group of friends into fulfilling a heist. With all the money earned they are able to become their towns heros, but will they risk everything in order to help the townspeople?

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

“Another one!” A red haired girl shouted as she slammed an empty mug down on the wooden counter.
She wore a simple beige dress which was muddy and covered in dust.
The tavern she was in was dimly lit by some simple candles and the small ray of moonlight shining trough the saloon door.
On the walls were multiple paintings of different sizes, most of them about landscapes or wealthy families.
In one of the corners stood a black piano covered in dust.
The tavern itself was in good shape, but despite that it was rather empty that evening.

“Are you sure? You've already had quite a few big mugs, maybe you should slow down a bit.”
The tall, blond haired man behind the bar said.
Normally he wouldn't deny a customer willing to pay but he didn't think this girl had much money anyway and if she continued drinking like this he would've had more to wipe from the floor than dust.
“Oh c'mon pretty boy, maybe we coul' share one.” The red haired girl said while leaning on the counter.
The bartender sighed as he handed the already drunk girl another filled mug.
She eagerly drank it all at once and slammed the mug down once again.
Clumsily she leaned further onto the counter to close the gap between her and the boy – Who was used to drunk people since he had worked in the tavern for years – and looked him over.
“'Ow much would it cost to getta kiss from the pretty boy?” She winked.
"Something called love."
The girl pouted her lips as she tried to climb over the bar.
"One tiny lil' kissy?" She managed to say in between some hiccups.

Much to the bartender's luck the doors swung open and walking in came three people.
In front was a young woman in her early twenties with dark brown hair neatly tied up in a perfect bun.
She had small green eyes and wide, but thin pink lips.
Despite her delicate facial features she was quite the stout woman, dressed in a simple dark green dress.
Behind her walked another woman and a man from around the same age as her.
They both had blond hair - just as neatly combed as the woman in front - and their builds were fit.
The female had beautiful brown eyes and lips that looked like a stretched out heart.
Her arm was arm in arm with the male who had blue eyes and a somewhat average looking face.
The woman walking in front gasped as she noticed the drunk girl flirting with Logan - the bartender who was also her boyfriend - and angrily stomped over.
"What the hell do you think you are doing you filthy red head!?"
"Rosa do-" Logan got cut short as Rosa grabbed a handful of the drunk girl's hair and pulled her back.
​​​​​​​"Don't you dare-" hiccup "Pull my hair, you bitch!" The girl screamed as she flailed her fists around, hoping to hit Rosa.
Eventually her fist heavily collided with Rosa's cheek once, to which she pushed her with all might back against the bar.
The drunk girl lifted her fist - ready to strike - but a pair of hands held her back.
"Leggo o' me!" She growled.
But the hands only tightened their grip on her.
Rosa too was struggling to free herself from Clyde who was holding her back.
The red head's rage suddenly vanished and she started laughing like a madman.
"You guys are perfect for it!" She said just before she collapsed to the ground bringing Bonnie - to who the arms restraining the drunk girl belonged - down with her.
"Perfect for what...?" Logan asked confused.
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So Mae huh
Haha yes CX It's a nice name you know.
I agree
on August 05
on August 05
on August 05
great so far. Made me feel like I was in the wild west. ;3
Thank you very much, my fruend and I greatly appreciate it. It's the furst western story I ever wrote so I was kinda afraid it wouldn't tuen out well.
on July 28
on July 28