Shadow Fang

A notorious criminal's back story. Shadow Fang is the baddest of the bad, and everyone fears for their life when in her sight. But no one quite understands her.

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Chapter 1.

The story of me

        My black cape rapped itself around me as if protect me from the icy wind. My raven hair fell around my eyes, hiding the glistening tears. My heart ached much more than my legs which had been running from home for weeks. The pine behind me felt as if it were the only thing holding me up. Before I knew it, I felt my knees gave away and my arms wrapped around my legs. Tears ran down my cheeks and a sorrow stabbed my heart. My shoulders shook and my breath was raspy from sobbing.
        "I miss you." I whispered, almost unable to get the words out. The memory of the fire flashed through my mind and the horror of watching my family burn replayed. I  wiped away my tears, the wind licking at my cheeks. As I rose to my feet again, I heard a meow.
        "Huh?" I stuttered out loud. I looked around before another mew came from the bushes. I knelt to the ground and brushes away the leaves. Two amber eyes stared back at me and a dark tail brushed my hand. I pink nose poked out of the branches and sniffed my hand. I quickly pulled my hand away, startled. Unsure what to do, I pushed aside more of the leaves until I saw a tiny black kitten. Her ears were nicked and she had a long scar parting her muzzle. I reached my hand out slowly, petting her feather-soft head. She purred pushing her nose into my palm.

        "Where's your mama?" I whispered, looking around. The kitten pushed past my hand and into my lap. It yawned, showing a tiny pink tongue and several tiny fangs. I giggled and put my warm hand over her body, shielding her from the whipping wind. "I think I'll name you Shadow." I smiled for the first time in a long time. But it disappeared quickly as I remembered why. "And I'm not Kaley anymore. I'm Shadow Fang."
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