Ok so i just decided to make a story about my au anyways enjoy or dont if you would rather not learn about this shitty au

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Chapter 1.
Fallen down

Fallen down

One evening a human named frisk was walking up a mountain when she fell down a hole and was knocked out for a few hours. After those few hours frisk woke up and looked around but saw nothing she was bored so she got up and started walking.
Though there was nothing around here but flowers she kept on walking and eventually she saw a bright light so she went towards it and ended up at some ruins, she was confused but went ahead anyways.
Everything was quiet and it made frisk nervous but then she heard laughter and she went to go see what it was and when she got there she saw someone who looked like a goat but sue also saw a whole bunch of other monsters.
The goat had seen frisk and kindly walked up to her, "hello there child what brings you to the foster ruins today?" she said with a sweet voice. Frisk was scared but she spoke anyways"umm i fell down a hole and i just explored into " she told the goat who just nodded.
"Well than child ill show you " the goat then started walking and frisk followed looking at the rest of the monsters who were in the foster ruins.
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Were is the next part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
XD haven't come up with the rest yet I'm working on it tho
on May 20
on April 27