Warrior Cats: Snowkit's Fall Part 3.

Warrior Cats: Snowkit's Fall Part 3.

The two chapters of my story; Snowkit's fall. A what if, looking at would happen if Snowkit had lived. If you want to read from the start, you can find them on my profile. Hope you enjoy it!

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Chapter 1.
Chapter 5.

Chapter 5.

They had cleared about half of the camp by now, the tour was taking much longer than Snow had expected. He knew Oakfur certainly wasn’t going to be too pleased about it.

Tawnypaw had already introduced him to the; Leader’s den, Medicine Cat den, Apprentice’s dens and Elder’s den. Lucky had definitely, never told him about this kind of stuff before.  The two young cats soon come to an entrance of an another den. Snow peeked inside. He could only say two words, “It’s huge.”, he exclaimed.

“It has to be.”, Tawnypaw explained, “This is where all our warriors sleep.”. Like many of the other dens, nests made from moss to feathers, lay all over the place. With the occasional lump of fur of a sleeping warrior.  

“Me and Cedarpaw will is probably be sleeping here soon.”, Tawnypaw commented. Snow looked over his shoulder, “When will you picking your warrior name?” he asked.

Tawnypaw didn’t seem to understand the question, “Picking? We don’t pick our warrior name, Snow.  Blackstar chooses them.” she admitted. “Oh.” Snow similarly said, slightly disappointed.

Out of nowhere, Snow felt another pelt dump into him, that winded him a bit. Snow staggered a few tail-lengths away from the entrance, to see a pretty white she-cat standing there. Snow felt a rush of warmth surge through his body, as he blushed. Her eyes were still half-close and unfocused. “Umm… Hell-” Snow began.

However as soon as the she-cat relieved Snow was there, her fur stood on end to make herself look twice her size. She hissed and unsheltered her claws. Snow trembled. “Intruder.” she declared, about to pounce on the young tom.

Just in time, Tawnypaw quickly stepped in between the two cats, making a protective wall. “Lochbreath, He’s not an intruder, he’s a guest.” Tawnypaw growled.

Lochbreath‘s aggression soon faded. She narrowed her eyes. She come alarmly far into Snow’s personal space and sniffed him curiously. This was when Snow began to wonder why she had “breath” for a suffix? However when she opened her mouth to speak, Snow understood exactly why. Snow tightened up when the vile stench suffocated his nostrils. What had this cat been eating?

All the while, Lochbreath babbled on about something, Snow couldn’t pick up on. Snow and Tawnypaw exchanged glances and Snow did his best to explain, “Excuse me, can speak a little slower and- A little further away.”.

Lochbreath stepped back, confused. “Why?” she asked simply. Tawnypaw did the talking for him, “He’s deaf. So you’ll have talk slowly to him.”.

Just then, Lochbreath into a expulsion of laughter. “A deaf kittypet as a guest? What is this? Thunderclan?”, She deterred.

“Hey.” Snow mewed, offended. Lochbreath finally calmed down from her outburst, bowed her head slightly, “Sorry. I guess got a bit carried away there.”. Snow found himself accepting the apology surprising easily. Lochbreath made awkward face, “So what’s your Name than?”.

“Oh, um- Snow.” He trying to answer quickly. Lochbreath nodded, getting to her paws, “Well, it was good to meet you Snow. Hope you get to join the Clan.”, she turned and whispered to Tawnypaw, “Wait, he trying to join the Clan right?”.  

Tawnypaw nodded. Lochbreath mewed again, “Well good, luck with that then, Snow.”. The white she-cat began to head the center of the camp. Snow called after her, “Thanks for that.”.

Once left with Tawnypaw, Snow commented, “She was nice.”. Tawnypaw gave him a sad smile, “Keep your guard though. Some of my Clanmates aren’t half as nice as Lochbreath. Most of them don’t like Kittypets.”.

“Yeah, I can definitely see that.” Snow agreed.

Just than, Snow got a strange feeling he was being closely watched. He scanned the camp and met two blazing green eyes because of it. A fierce looking she-cat began padding towards him, her head and tail held high. Snow then noticed a smaller black tom trailing behind her.  

The ginger she-cat yelled something and Tawnypaw rushed over to her, leaving Snow alone. Tawnypaw called back to Snow, “Meet you at apprentice’s den after my training.” before stopping in front of the Ginger cat.  She meowed an order to the two apprentices and they hurried to the camp's entrance. Snow watched them disappear though the green screen of leaves before finally being confronted by the Ginger she-cat. She was well built and looked down at Snow as if he were irritating kit.  

Like when Snow had first meet Oakfur, the ginger cat underestimated Snow’s lip reading ability, “So. Are. You. Snow?”, She said, ridiculously slowly. Snow hesitated before speaking, “Y-Yes. But... just saying, You can speak a little quicker.”.

Her month then began flapping wildly, as she spoke in a “normal” pace. What in the name of the moon was she saying? “Excuse me-” Snow mewed, trying to timbly get her attention. She didn’t seem to notice.  “Excuse me.” Snow proclaimed, more harshly and clearly.

The ginger cat stopped mid-sentence, looking down at him with stern eyes. It looked like she didn’t like being interrupted, which made Snow begin to regret his decision. But he forced himself to carry on, “Sorry- But you need to be a little slower now, I can’t understand you.”.

The ginger she-cat didn’t speak for another few heartbeats in thought. Cats around the clearing began to take notice of the overly dramatic scene, what Snow did his best to ignore.   

“Is this an okay speed for you now?”, she finally asked, a little angrily. Snow swallowed, “Yes.”.
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