Thrill of the Kill

Thrill of the Kill

Warning: There will be a use of foul language and possible things that may not be for you. Please be aware that this is also a rough draft, and there will be many changes happening in the story.

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Chapter 1

When I was younger I could see, the stars glistening in the sky, watching as the pale moonlight glowed brightly on my fair skin. I would also hear the screams from those being tortured inside, the screams brought a vivid rush of emotion on the inside. The emotion I didn’t know, but I liked it, I loved bringing pain upon those who lay in wait on the basement floor. Recently I helped my father peel the skin off a man using hydrochloric acid and a metal tool. The civilians we killed had sinned, they’ve brought agony, and hatred throughout our community. I had to bring them all to justice by ripping them apart and displaying them in most horrible ways imaginable. I was soon brought to prison, put on death row, only I didn’t die. I was released to the world and forgotten. Married at the age of 24, and this is MY story.
        “Kamara! What’s in this bag you filthy rat!” my husband roared from the living room downstairs. “I swear to god this knife will find a new destination if I find out you’re helping the girl!”
        “Oh, darling no, put that knife down,” I said looking at him, with a false look of fear. I didn’t fear my husband, I would have sliced opened his throat and drank his blood if he tried to hurt me. “You don’t want to do something you’d regret.” Or find out what happens to you when I decide to end your worthless life, you ungrateful piece of shit.
        “Open it!” he spoke with a now threatening tone, I glanced at the bag then gave a frightening smile. “What are you smiling at whore!”
        “I’m smiling at you,” you’re a wretched bastard, threatening me with a knife, I will end that pathetic life, I will tear your skin off your body until you’re dead! I walked over to the bag then opened it. Inside was a head, sliced from a body, still oozing with blood. “You asked what was in the bag, now you see.”
        “You killed the girl! HOW DARE YOU!” he rushed towards me with the knife, I just laughed and stood there until he was close enough to hold the knife against my throat.
        “Come at me you pathetic c'unt, I’ve been waiting for this chance for a long time.” He only made a tiny scratch before I ripped the knife out of his hands and shoved it into his head. “Such a shame you had to end this way, I would have enjoyed that, I don’t know, that moment of last words with you.” I said stroking his soft brown hair, “You were a hideous person, I never liked you, I just dreamt of how much I would love to shove a blade in that conceited head of yours.” Good accomplishment Kamara, another death would suffice, the lust inside you is strong, the thrill of adrenaline brings you to this moment of happiness. I know I’ve told myself, I also stated I would kill again, those idiots were fools letting me out of prison. They knew I killed those men, but the doubt left inside the jury's mind’s brought me to this glorious moment. Now, time to clean off the evidence.
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