Two-faced (1)

Two-faced (1)

So, this story isn't creepy, but it's about a lying, dramatic jerk I know. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to hate someone.

published on July 03, 201630 reads 16 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.
How we met, and how she was exposed

How we met, and how she was exposed

     I met this girl in kindergarten, and at this time she was completely innocent. Now, let me note, that I was supposed to go into honors classes in the second grade, so that's when it all started. So, I met her in kindergarten, and her name was Jalin. Jalin was a true friend until 2nd grade. My mom wanted me to wait until 5th grade (which was when the schools split for me) to go into honors classes, because if you were in them in elementary school, you'd leave school in the middle of the day and go somewhere else. So, when Jalin discovered this, she started acting like a complete idiot. Now, I had friends that were below average, and I still do, but they weren't acting. If they asked me for help, it was because they didn't understand the lesson, and truly needed a boost.
     But Jalin was average, not below average. But suddenly, I was above average and... POOF! Her IQ level just randomly drops. I didn't realize this until 4th grade, which was when I met my friend Lauren. Now, you'd probably think "Abbie, how didn't you notice that their IQ just randomly dropped? Wouldn't it be obvious that she was using you?" Well, no. Not to me at least. When I was younger, I was really oblivious. I had a higher IQ than everyone, but I always acted kind to everyone. I made friends with everyone. I thought there was good in everyone, and it never occurred to me that someone would try to manipulate me.
      But, in the 4th grade, I met Lauren. Now, Lauren didn't like Jalin. Why? Jalin had told Lauren that she was manipulating me half-way through the school year. Jalin did this when Lauren and I got in a fake fight, because Lauren wanted to prove that Jalin was guilty. Well Lauren, good job. It worked.
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Comments (2)

i hate jalin! Goodnstory thou
thanks! And yeah, me too
on July 04, 2016
on July 03, 2016