The tale of two furries

The tale of two furries

hey guys! I haven't written a story in a while so here we are! this one is a special story for my boyfriend who will be joining soon ^ so I hope you enjoy it!

published on April 15, 201824 reads 11 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


One foggy evening, a white and black furry named Kiara, was walking around in the park. As she was walking, she saw a black and red furry doing parkour and was impressed at how good he was.  Kiara was to intrigued male furries's parkour moves, that she didn't notice someone sneaking up on her.  Kiara let out a small yelp as the person behind her, took her by surprise and started to drag her away.  

Luckily, the black and red furry noticed and knocked out the guy, saving kiara from being raped. Kiara thanked him happily, and soon they became best friends, although the furry who went by the name of Evan, had developed feelings for Kiara.  As time passed, Kiara was just about to walk home when she was grabbed from behind and dragged away.
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