Lotin's reincarnation (Emi series)

Lotin's reincarnation (Emi series)

This is sequel Three to she’s known to kill for fun or just dos. If you have not read that one this one will not make any sense at all to you so plea's read that one, thank you.

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Chapter 1.
Finding Lotin

Finding Lotin

Lotin's Reincarnation

Emi sat in her office not wanting to go to the human village close to her castle that she now shared with her werewolf friend Falcon and his pack. Now a days her and her castle residents defend the  humans in the village safe from other vampires and werewolves. Some humans know of them thanks to a group of vampires who got sick of heading and all most wiped out a hole village. But the government likes to keep them a secret so Now Emi and other older wiser vampires protect the humans in different city's each close to there castle. Getting up from her chair Emi left to the city to collect her new servants that the government provided her. Once every one saw Emi's carriage they all lined up in 10 different rows so she may go by and pick. Getting out of the carriage Emi eyed the humans not rely wanting to do this but had to sens most of her servants at home wore old and soon to die. Walking by the young ladies first she looked to see who would be best in her home tell she walked by a girl with a baby blue dress and long blond hair and stopped. She sensed something with in the girl that remained her of Lotin and the strength it held was that of Lotin. Walking past her she chose to levee her and picked the girls she wonted.  Dismissing the girls she looked at the guys and spotted one that stood out from the rest.  Walking up to the guy she looked him up and down.  She could sens he was a werewolf and wondered how come the government people didn't notice it.  Would you be willing to work in my castle as a guard?  Emi asked emotionless as she looked up at him.  If it will peels you my lady, I would be honored to.  He said politely and bowed be for walking to the girls Emi had picked to go to her castle.  Suddenly the girl in the baby blue dress screamed out the guys name making him stop to look.  "No don't tack him from me, tack me to pleas!"  The girl begged as she ran to the guy and held onto him.  I all ready have all the girls I need I'm sorry.  If it's protection you need from some one I will gladly help you if that is what you need.  Emi said as she looked at the two and new instantly why no one bothered the guy.  The girl looked at Emi sadly then back to the man she held onto and shook her head yes.  Vary well I'll have two of my best watch over you from now on.  Yougo, Shikyo you two will watch over this beautiful girl from now on.  

If I heir any harm has be fall this girl I will punish you both for it.  Emi said sternly yet emotionless as she looked at the girl then went back to picking a few more guys be for leaving the city.  Once she got back to her castle she told her new servants where they will be working from then on and told the elderly servants they may go back to there villages to be with there family but to never speak of where they wore or what they did.  They screamed in joy and each thanked her for the privilege to see there family be for they pass a way.  When she was don with all that she left back to her office to do more paper work tell her secant in command guard Enman came in with the guy from earlier.  What is it Enman, I'm busy.  She said plainly well looking at the papers on her desk.  Its about this man you just brought in, I see grate potential in him and wish to teach him all that I know so he may one day tack my place.  Enman said politely as he watched Emi move some papers around her desk.  Looking up from her papers she looked at the two men in front of her and thought about it.  As you wish just tack some precautions in what you show or tell him.  I don't trust him yet, when I know I cane trust him then you may tell him every thing there is to know in your position.  For now he is your student in training.  Emi said plainly as she looked from Enman to the man from be for.  Thank you so much for this opportunity, my name is Tsukiko Tori and I'll make shore to do my best for you.  He said respectfully be for bowing and left with Enman to train.  Emi looked at the door to the room in thought at how he remanded her of some one.  Getting back to what she was doing she finished all her work and decided to walk around the castle.  In two weeks she notice Tsukiko was in dead doing his best to be as good as Enman and smirked.  Looking out side her window in her room she watched as they practiced together.  Opening her balcony doors she stood leaning against the cement railing around her balcony so she could look at them more closely.  As she looked at them some one suddenly knocked at her door making her look back into her room.  Come in.  She demanded, then walked back into her room closing the balcony doors be hind her.  A messenger servant entered with an envelope and handed it to her.  Its an urgent message from Yougo and Shikyo.  The guy said in deep breaths as if he was running all the way there.  Thank you, you may go now.  

She said plainly, then turned around to opened the envelope.  Reading the message Emi looked shocked at what it said and quickly ran to Enman letting the letter drop to the floor as she left the room.  With a blink of an eye she was right next to Enman scaring him.  Do you all ways have to do that my lady, you scared me haft to death.  He said frightened as he put his hand over his pounding heart.  We have a mission, is Tsukiko prepared for battle or dos he need more time? She asked plainly as she looked at Enman who looked at her confused. If it's a simple mission of kill, go yes but a catcher and go no. He said confused tell he under stood where this was going. Tsukiko get your things we're going on a mission. Enman ordered Tsukiko plainly be for turning around and starting to walk with Emi to the village close by. Once at the city Emi went to were she know her guards wore and entered.  Is she all right? Enman asked plainly as she looked around the room.  Yes, as the letter told you this lady is getting ready to give birth. I know it's not human and she's going to need our healers to treat her.  Yougo said plainly as he stood strait in front of Emi.  Vary well get her ready to be moved and bring her with use.  Enman said Plainly as he looked at Yougo and Shikyo. Nodding his head Shikyo left to the back room and get her.  Once Emi saw her she know what they said was true.  Turning around she went back into her carriage and had them put the girl with her.  Emi watched as Tsukiko held onto his woman and conferred her.  Looking a way she looked out the window as she saw the trees go by.  Once back at her castle Emi had her healers tack care of the girl and put her in a guest room.  As Emi sat in her Office Tsukiko entered and walked up to her desk.  Thank you my lady for a lowing my mate to be here and took in care of by your healers.  I am truly thank full and will do my beast for you.  He said like a solder and bowed by the waist.  You don't need to thank me, I simply know thoughs humans would of looked to kill her once they saw what she really was.  The child she is about to give birth to is a mix breed and the prince she is running from is looking for the both of you.  I'm simply giving you both refuge and protection. Emi said plainly as she looked up at him.  How do you know about that? He asked in shock as he looked at her. The king of the South sent a message to all the kingdoms about you two and what you's did. She said plainly as she looked from her papers to him. We still thank you my lady.  He said politely then bowed a gain be for leaving back to Mizuki's side.  Three days later Mizuki gave birth to a mix breed baby boy.  Emi watched as the healers fused around the weekend Mizuki in the bed and wondered were they put the baby.  

Looking around the room she spotted him in one of the female healers arms.  walking up to her she took the baby from her so she could go back to work.  Looking at the baby face she couldn't help but smile at the familiar blue eyes looking at her.  The baby smiled and giggle back at her as he tried to grab her hair.  Smiling at him Emi put one of her fingers in his small hand and kept looking at him.  I see my son likes you my lady.  Tsukiko said happily as he walked up to them from the door way.  Your son will grow into a fine man, you should be proud to have  such a strong son.  He will bring your family grit honer and respect.  Emi said plainly as she wiggled her finger free from the baby's grip and handed him to Tsukiko.  You cane hold him longer my lady if you wish.  He said happily as he took his son into his arms.  Thank you but I think his mother wants to see him. Emi said plainly then walked out the room back to her office and stood there all day tell she was finished with her work. Walking in the halls she let her feet guide her as she thought of things in her head.  As she did she suddenly saw a door appeared in front of her.  Opening the door she went in to see it was the room she had Mizuki in.  Looking around the room she saw Mizuki's baby boy laying next to her.  Going to the side by the baby, Emi picked him up into her arms and held him close to her.  Just like last time he grabbed for her so she let him hold her finger.  She stood holding him and walked around the room tell she got tarred.  Siting by the window she watched his sleepy eyes look up at her as if he didn't won't to sleep.  Sleep little one, I will protect you from harm.  Emi said plainly as she rocked the baby in her arms.  Smiling the baby listened to her and fell a sleep.  Not wanting to be seen Emi put the baby back and left with out a word.  Every month that past the baby aged and a human girl grow found of him.  12 months later he was all ways surrounded by girls but only one he gave attention to.  Her name is Yu Tadashii (Yu-Bind, gentleness, superiority./Tadashii-Righteous)Emi often got a strange felling when ever she would see them together and would leave them be.  At other times she wonted to ripe the girls head off but know it would do no good in doing so.  As Emi was headed to her office like every morning she spotted Tsukiko's son with Yu in her garden as she passed the back doors.  She watched as Yu smiled at something he said and wonted so badly to slap her.
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I've seen your stories and as a story writer myself it makes me feel happy when someone's really into their work & their stories have 5+ chaps . But can I suggest something?. Try posting them in quo tev or wattapad.! They're famous for stories and fan fictions. C:
Ok thanks.?
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