Save Marina Joyce

Save Marina Joyce

This is a legit, serious issue that a lot of people have been talking about. Marina Joyce is a YouTuber with just over 600,000 subscribers. Over the past year, she has changed SO MUCH. I will be talking about this, and giving evidence of possible reasons for her complete personality 360. #SaveMarinaJoyce

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        Okay, I would just like to first start by asking you to open up a new tab, look up Marina Joyce on YouTube, and scroll down to her older videos. Here is a link to a good one that will give you a clear picture of her personality:
        This video was posted December 5, 2014.
        Now, I will put a link to a video that shows how drastically she has changed since then:
        This video was posted July 22, 2016.

        If you can't tell the difference between these two videos, you're blind. I've been watching Marina's videos for quite a while. I was in love with her personality and style. But then she started...changing.
        There are a few theories on what is happening to her. Drugs, abusive relationships, mental issues... There is reason to believe all of these. First of all, her boyfriend seems very controlling. You see him, or what appears to be him, directing her, telling her what to do in her videos.
        In the last video I showed you, you can see his fingers pointing to where she's supposed to stand. Notice also, the way she edits has changed. The music, the awkward, long pauses... She used to use fun, upbeat music in her videos. Now, she uses slower, less like her music. This gives many people reason to believe her boyfriend is controlling her YouTube.
        Also, in the last video, she has bruises on her arms. Anyone could get bruises, but all of this adds up to one thing. Well, a few, actually.
        Here is a video that helps you understand what she is going through:

        She has also become noticeably thinner in her videos. Her face is thinner, her arms are bonier. This gives me reason to believe she has a drug problem.

        Shiz, guys, I was continuing my research for this, and I just saw information that Marina was kidnapped, the police were called, and she was found by the police. Here is the Twitter account that posted this: TheAnonMessage
        Well, I guess I'll continue giving you my information about this.
        Marina also whispers, "Help me" in the video I showed you of her, the latest one. Many have also suspected that she was trying to send a message for someone to save her in this video: It starts at the moment when she is repeating herself, maybe sending a message for help. Or, it could be a result of a drug problem or a mental issue.
        Regardless, we know she was kidnapped and most likely in an abusive relationship. If you want to know more information, I will update on my profile and I will be making a page dedicated to her.

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My view on this may be different but I've seen this happen before. I think that she DOES have schizophrenia and takes medication for it. Many people who have it seem completely normal when on a routine of medication and help from others.
She might have stopped taking her medication and never told anyone, not even her parents and it led her down a road of being See More▼
on September 28, 2016