The Five Clans

The Five Clans

There 5 Clans Midnight,Unknown,Fire,Swift,and Music . They all seem fine ... Until one cat came and ruled one certain Clan and became it's god after death . ( This is in the past before the Clans before now )

published on December 07, 201618 reads 8 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Midnight Clan members

Midnight Clan members

Leader : Midnight Star
Deputy : Midnight Howl
Warriors : Star Scratch,Midnight Growl,Star Spark,and Charlotte Moon
Med : Healer star and Midnight Heal
Young Adults : Star Midnight,Moon Breeze,Night Wing,and Moon Spark
Children : Star Dot,Moon Smile,Midnight Breeze,and Moon Thunder
There living area : Near the Mountains of the Moon
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