The Study guide of Werewolves. (read description)

The Study guide of Werewolves. (read description)

This is m-y version of where wolves. So be aware these are more of my beliefs and thoughts on wolves. For I think my thoughts are more creative (P.s I MADE UP SOME THINGS!)

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Chapter 2.

Deadliest parts and safest parts.

This will go from most deadly to safest.
Male Werewolves:

Eyes- The male werewolf eyes can make any supernatural (human as well). Go head over heels for them. Yet there eye stare can also kill. It's called lasuphenlet (pronounced La-so-sin-let). It's where the male werewolf eyes go so into their soul and rips the soul apart. It can also make anyone go in a trance. Leaving them enough time to strike

Mouth- The werewolf strongest part is it's mouth. Yet its not as deadly as the eyes. The mouth (or mussel) can get a strong grip and rip anything out of place (unless a tree). The mouth is something you want to avoid likes eyes. So watch those parts closely.

Claws (feet and hands)-  This is not shock is it? Anyways, the claws on a werewolf are very sharp. It also helps them gain speed when chasing prey. It is called Costophenleta (Pronounced Clos-pho-lent-ta). It where a werewolf gain more speed from the wind traveling threw their claws.

Voice- Most male werewolf have deep,handsome,rumble voices. Yet the voices are quite safe (unless speaking with the eye stare). The voice of the werewolf depends on their heritage. Kaden has arctic like werewolf heritage (from mother). Meaning he has to control fire to stay warm, yet he has the Canadian accent. While others have Russian. Jackson on the other hand has a American accent meaning his a gray werewolf (a bit from the father) and he has to control electricity and nature (a bit). Some other gray werewolves can have a Mexican accent.

Female Werewolves:

Mouth: The female werewolves have very, very sharp teeth and stronger bite then male werewolves. Yet male werewolves still remain alpha for females fear they have more knowledge to take a other werewolf down (mostly gray werewolves and arctic werewolves). Back to female werewolves. Their mouth to stay cautious off.

Voice- The female werewolf speech is very fluent and musically. Yet their accent depends on where they came from. Some might be Russian, but speak with a Mexican accent or the other way around. The female voice is more focused on catching the prey (or victim) attention with music or words. It hypnotism them. When the female needs to strike they do. The down fall is... It only works on humans and other supernatural species, minus werewolves. Another factor for female werewolves to fear male ones.

Claws (feet and hands)- The claws on the female are the very same for male werewolves, minus they can't do the costophenleta tactic.

Eyes- The female werewolf eyes  just show emotion. Nothing really special about them, but they could trick someone with the look of their eyes.
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It is a great guide but you don't have there hunting strategy, or hunting patterns.
I know. I was just really tired when making this. I'm going to add way more things
on December 20, 2017
on December 20, 2017
on December 19, 2017