F.A.B Season 1 Episode 10 (S01EP10): Torture Charlotte

It's Election time! The time for the student body to vote for their representative. Charlotte Griffen (official mean girl and snob to the 3rd power) is running, alongside the F.A.B's Hyong-Jin Kim. This spells disaster, because they all know Charlotte will win, but she would make a terrible School President. So they enlist the help of a mysterious new student/class prankster to help ruin her, and the result is hilarious. This is also my first story in the form of an RP. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1.


I decided I wanted to relay a random LARP I did a few days ago. -___-

(sun is high in the sky between the trees and the birds are singing.)
(unfamiliar voice voices over) This is the story of how a devishily handsome, smart, cunning, genius--- (random person: Don't twist the truth!) Okay, okay, fine. This is a story of how a cute and not devishily handsome and genius boy brought Charlotte Griffen down to the level of a normal student through utter humiliation. Better? (random person: Much.) now you're probably wondering who I am. (boy with dark hair and lots of freckles grins cheesily) That's me! (random person: I'm disappointed.) ah, shut up. I'm Cam. You're wondering how I got here, right?...well, I was sitting on my couch eating Cheetos when I got a letter (random person: phone call.) phone call asking me if I wanna become a student at their school. Now I had nothing better to do so I said  "sure". Next thing I know, I'm in this dump--
(nerdy kid with braces pops head in: Which is a gross underexageration since this is the most high-tech school in the whole country!)
(Cam looks at nerd) Whoa. Nerd. (turns back to camera) Anyway, so I'm here and I am the official class prankster!!
(voice off camera: Hey, Cam, you better shorten that intro speech. It's time for the theme song!)
Cam: Huh? Oh yeah. So, enjoy the show!

(theme song plays which I have not composed because theme songs are really hard)

(the four Asian boys and their friend Evelyn stroll down the halls of Starry High school) (school bell rings)
Junjie Wong (downcast): School elections start this week. I just know Charlotte will win.
Charlotte (strolls by): You got it, Wong!
(Ji-Sung sticks out his foot and trips her) (Charlotte goes flying into Janitor Levine's bucket of gross things)
Evelyn: (mutters to herself) Take that you snobbish stuck up--
Kenshin: (adds under breath) Ape!
Evelyn: (turns to him) Ape?
Kenshin: Yeah. Ape!
(the F.A. B and E keep walking)
Junjie: I wish we could ruin that ape.
Ji-Sung: Stop calling her an ape.
Junjie: Why aren't you calling her that? She practically lip-raped you last month.
Ji-Sung: She almost did. That's the key word.
Evelyn: Lip-raped?
Junjie: She tried to kiss him against his will.
Evelyn: (growls possessively) Why that little sneaking, lying, skulking rat! i'll pummel her!!! Don't worry, Ji-Shungy, Evelyn's here. (holds Ji-Sung protectively)
Ji-Sung: Ah! Evvy, get off!
(awkward silence as the five of them keep walking)
Hyong-Jin: I wish there was some way we could ruin her and see her snob face twist with rage.
Evelyn: (stops walking) I got it!
(everyone stares at her quizzically)
Evelyn: Remember that guy who won the award for Class Prankster? I don't remember his name, but that guy?
Hyong-Jin: Yeah, he came to the Newspaper office and dropped off a letter for Mister Know-It-All.

(Author note: Yes i know. mister know-it-all is a very clique topic but i have to! this is school!)

Ji-sung: Oh, yeah. Dark hair, and lots of freckles, right?
Evelyn: Yeah! What was his name?
(Everyone shrugged)
Kenshin: I think he's new.
Junjie: How so?
Kenshin: I've only seen him these past few weeks.
Evelyn: We could ask him to help us come up with a prank that will completely screw any chance Charlotte has of winning.
Ji-Sung: Wouldn't that be cheating?
Evelyn: No, we're not helping anyone to win.
Hyong-Jin: Hey! And what am i? chopped liver!?
Junjie: Aww, don't be offended Jinny. She just forgot you were here!
Hyong-Jin: I see.
Evelyn: We can go talk to him at lunch and ask for his help.
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