My best friend is a spy. (And my enemy.)

My best friend is a spy. (And my enemy.)

Kim Jisoo is from Seoul, South Korea. Her best friend, Yoo Su-hwa, isn't from Korea. Nor is her real name even Yoo Su-hwa. When Jisoo learns this, she feels betrayed and angry. However, when she learns that her so called best friend, is actually a spy from Taiwan, she feels afraid and is determined to make ‘Yoo Su-hwa’ tell her everything or else... Will Jisoo be able to make You Su-Hwa tell her everything, or will Jisoo be forced to become a spy?

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Chapter one.

(Flashback, two days before.)

“Jisoo, what the hell are you doing?!” A young woman by the name of Yoo Su-hwa, yelled at her best friend, Kim Jisoo.

The classroom was empty and Jisoo was going through folders to find her friends paperwork. The teachers didn't have their students paperwork in the office.

“Nothing!” Jisoo said, holding on to the yellow folder tightly. She was determined to learn more about her best friend. Lately, Yoo Su-hwa had become extremely secretive. She hadn't been coming to school like she should have either. Jisoo wanted to know what was wrong but whenever Jisoo called her cell phone, Yoo Su didn't answer it.

“Put my folder back and let's go get ice cream.” Yo Su-Hwa said while smiling. She was also determined for Jisoo to NOT read her background history.

“I just want to learn about you!” Jisoo replied, opening the folder and reading inside of it.

“No!” Yoo Su-Hwa grabbed her information folder and ripped it, causing Jisoo to grab it back and tearing it even more.

“Look what you did, you'll get in so much trouble!” Jisoo said, dropping the folder and hiding a piece of paper behind her back.

Yoo Su-Hwa groaned and grabbed the rest of the paper and the folder.
“You're so irritating sometimes.” She tried joking, to lighten up the mood in the room.

Jisoo had her back turned, she was reading the paper she had.

Birth name: Yeh Shuhua. (葉舒華)
Nationality: Taiwanese.
Birthday: January 6, 2000.
Social security number: ********
Korean citizen ship date:

“Jisoo, are you okay?” Yoo Su-Hwa clutched the folder and stared at her friend.

Jisoo turned around, anxious by what she had just read. Her best friend wasn't really Korean, she was born in a completely different country, she lied about her age, her name wasn't even her real name. What if this girl could suddenly turn on her and hurt her?

“Who are you?” Jisoo choked out in a whisper.

Yoo Su-Hwa let out a laugh and smiled.
“It's me silly girl, Yoo Su-Hwa!” She said.

“If so, then why does your information paper say your name is Yeh Shuhua?” Jisoo asked, dropping the paper to the floor.

Yoo Su-Hwa smile vanished once Jisoo spoke. If she knew she was a spy that was a mission, she would be dead.

“Well, I wasn't from here originally. My family needed a  job that was here and so  yeah.” Yoo Su-Hwa made up a story as quickly as she could.

“You said you were an orphan.” Jisoo reminded her.

Yoo Su-Hwa froze in place, then her cell phone begin to buzz.

She looked at the number and seen it was her boss, she had to answer but she couldn't.

“I can't explain that right now!” Yoo Su-Hwa ran from Jisoo and went to the bathroom, taking the call.

“I have a bad feeling.” Her boss said.

“That Kim Jisoo girl is on my case! She found my paperwork and she knows my real name and some other private things!” Yoo Su-Hwa whispered in the cell phone.

“Come to Taiwan ASAP, and bring the girl with you.” The man on the phone said before hanging up.

Yoo Su-Hwa sighed. She thought of a plan.
Invite Jisoo over to ‘explain’ things, drug her drink that she'll be given, fly her over to Taiwan and let the boss deal with everything else........

(Two days after, now.)

“W-Where am I?” Jisoo looked around. She couldn't remember much and her head was pounding and making her feel awful.

“The woman woke up, alert the boss now.” A woman in a black leather outfit said, she spoke into a phone. She spoke in a language that definitely wasn't Korean.

Jisoo begin to panic but she reminded quiet.

As far as she could tell, she was tied to a bed and had duck tape around the rope that she was tied to.
The place was hotter than anything she ever felt before and it was nearly all black. Expect for the two lamps that were beside her.

“Who are you?!”Jisoo asked the woman in from of her.

The woman looked at Jisoo, not understanding what she was saying. All the woman was told was that the girl was to be kept tied up until the boss came and talked to her.

“Let me go....” Jisoo begged.

The woman turned the lamps off and left Jisoo, she was all alone in the dark.
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