Magic love (harry x kiara)

Magic love (harry x kiara)

Hey i had to re write thisnstory since i lost my other one so anyways here u go! Also don't mind the photos XD

published on February 1919 reads 8 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Kiaras backstory

As a young girl, Kiara was very happy and loved her mother and father. One day, Kiara was waiting for her mom to come back home from work.

After hours of waiting, Kiara turned on the TV on and hearf that her mother had died in a car accident. Kiara's heart sank and her smile turned into a frown.

Snape heard about his wive's death amd decided to take his anger out on hid daughter, kiara. Snape beat up kiara up every day and she could no longer be the happy girl she once was.
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