The Great Race Finale Part 1

The Great Race Finale Part 1

Changing up the description. Because I can, cause I'm weird like that. NANI!

published on December 06, 201819 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Starting the race

Sparkerp: You 3 teams will be starting at the same time.
Jaz: Alright. Now what's the location.
Sparkerp: You'll be heading to New York City.

Cyra: Hey, we're in the finale.
Thomas: YEAH!!!
Cyra: Thomas, don't mess it up.

-Friendly rivals
Jaz: So Angel. How do you think of our chance of winning.
Angel: Pretty good. I think There big egos will mess them.
Jaz: But they got this far.
Angel: True

Lydia: Now we can destroy these losers.
Jack: We got this far with our skills.
Lydia: Only got 2 more teams to beat.
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