The Terrific Twelve

The Terrific Twelve

This is my novel, "the Terrific Twelve". Enjoy! Don't forget to comment to tell me what you think. ;)

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Chapter 1.

Where It all Began

On the planet Hoofspia, there was an inventor-alien. He had a wife-alien and two alien-babies named Smallhead and Madame. Madame was named after her mom-alien whose name was Missa, while Smallhead was named that because of his…um…small head. Anyway, one day little Madame (who may grow up to be a hero to all aliens) came to her dad’s lab.
“Daddy?” she asked (in Hoofspish), “What are you making, now?”
Her dad, who was really tired after making his invention, turned to her and said, “Something. It’s a surprise.”
Madame loved surprises! She ran over to her brother Smallhead and squealed, “Smally, smally! Dad is making a surprise!!!! Yay!!!!”
Smallhead frowned. “What need is a surprise to us?”
“Aw come on, Smally! You know you love surprises too!”
“Ok. Fine. I love surprises. Now go away.”
Madame went over to her mom and said, “Smallhead is being weird again.”
Her mom sighed. “As always.”
“Oh, mom! Will Smallhead ever change?”
“He’s a teen-alien. What we have to do is wait it out.” Madame still felt sad. She loved her brother. But with him being mean and snappy, she can’t really…bond.
“Ok.” Madame said. She looked at Smallhead and sighed as she saw him kick the dust.
“It’s my birthday today!!!!!!!!” Madame screamed, running into their house. “I’m turning 100!”
“Congrats. Not.” Smallhead said, not even looking up from his math books.   “Ugh.” Madame said. “Do you even bother? Oh wait! You’re 160 so you have no time for your darling 100 year old sister-alien. I forgot.”
“Oh, shut up.”  Smallhead snapped.
She went into her dad’s lab—alone. She saw a huge figure draped over with a giant cloth.
“Whoa. This is the surprise which dad was making when I was 50? Cool!”
Smallhead appeared beside her (he could teleport). “That’s big.” He commented. “Very big.”
He looked at Madame, an evil grin spread across his face. “Let’s lift it!” he said.
Madame gasped. “No! Dad told us that this is powerful it can knock somebody down!!!”  
Smallhead frowned. “I want to see it.”
He ran over to the figure, pulled the cloth off and BOOM! He fell to the floor.
Madame gasped and ran over. “Smallhead! Smallhead! Are you ok?!”
“Y-yes. I’m fine. J-j-ust shaken.”  
Madame looked at the figure. It was a giant meteorite that was glowing red.
“Oh. My. Alien.” Madame gaped. “It’s beautiful. But…why did it take 50 years to make? What makes it special?”
“It is special.” A voice said.
Madame looked around. It was her dad.
“I bet Smallhead will never touch one of my creations again.”
“What makes it special?” Madame asked again.
“Maddie…it is special.”
“It has powers in it. Only the right person can activate it and release to the universe. Not a soul in Hoofospia knows about it. It is a complete and total secret. It brings help but only use it when you absolutely have to because once it’s sent, it will never come back.”  
There was a loud BANG! On the door.
“Mom!” 160 year old Madame called. “There is someone at the door and they’re not waiting!!”
Her Mom laughed from upstairs. “Why don’t you open it?”
“’cause I don’t want to!”  
“Fine. Leave the door and don’t open it.”  
Then as she was going downstairs to go to the lab to admire that meteorite, There was a BOOM! The aliens broke in! They trashed everything they could see and then their leader said, “Find the meteorite! And bring it to me!”
Madame gasped when she saw who the leader was: Smallhead! My brother… how could he?  She thought. She ran down to the lab to protect the meteorite. As she put herself in front of it, her dad’s words rushed into her head: it brings help…only use it when you absolutely have to. Now she needed help! The evil aliens were breaking in. She shut her eyes as she heard the sickening BANGs. She slammed her hand on then launch button and it vanished into the vast expanse of space.
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