Red and Blue Shadows

Red and Blue Shadows

So this is kind of a weird story but I've been working on it for a long time.

published on June 15, 20159 reads 7 readers 1 not completed


               "Annmarie Morrison!" As my dad screamed my name multiple times I still did not care I was too worried about the cops at my house coming to talk to me about getting my dad getting full cusdtedy of my brother that I had no Idea I had.                         
I felt so bad I mean what kind of person doesn't know that you were born with someone else, in the same hospital as you. "What am I going to do I don't know what he looks like, what his life was like, I mean are we taking something really important away from him *sigh*." I said with frustration.
"Hey Annmarie get up dad wants you!" My sister Abby was trying to make the laziest person in the house get up nice try sis. "Yay no I don't want any part of this." I closed my eyes hearing well do anything to get him out of that house and the door openig. I opened my eyes to see my brother at the door.
".               Hi." When I spoke the only response I got was him looking at me shyly. "What's your name." I asked "What's yours." I didn't like his response.
"I asked you first now what's your name?"
"OK fine my name is Shadow. Now what's your name?"
"Annmarie, Shadow that's a strange name how did you get that na
"I'll tell you later don't worry about it."
                 With that said I finally got to go to sleep. A few hours later I woke up Abby was in the living room and Shadow was looking through my CDs.
"See anything like?"
"I like Rock not pop so no." He seemed happy
"My rock CDs are under the bed you can look at them if you want."
He pulled one of my CDs from under the bed and put it in the CD player. and we listened to the Rolling Stones until it was 10:00 pm we kept to ourselves most of the time asking questions here and there but basically we just stayed quiet.
We also played video games and after me getting beat at least 6 times in SSBB we stopped and Shadow picked a mother CD he liked from the stack.
"Besides Pop music what do you like?
"I like song with a sad melody sometime,"
"Who's your favorite song writer?"
Now this was a hard one "If boyinaband dosnt count I like Train."
"I don't see any Train CDs over here are you sure that's your favorite?"
The door opened "you guy's  should get in bed I'm blowing up the air matrise until I can get a real bed for Shadow." My Dad is hard headed he always has a solution for everything."
"Ok How long will that take dad." I loved my Dad but wasn't happy with him right now.
"Honestly I would be fine just putting some sheets down and a pillow.
"Ok fine."
So we put some sheets down and a pillow.
And we went to bed.
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Good story.
on June 16, 2015