A New Life (1)

A New Life (1)

This is book two of Love Of Pokemon Trainers.So I hope you enjoy.No mean commets.Commet if you want more .

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Chapter 4.


Red was having nightmare about you.Red was runnig to save you."Y/N !!!" Red yelled as he got but was too late.You and the baby were slowly dyeing."No......dont ....go ....I need you " Red said kissing you."Please...Red ......" you whisper slow."Please ......" Red said holding you close.You close your eyes " No Y/N dont......die on me....." Red cried as he heard a laugh."Blue........" Red stated getting up and walking over with tears."WHY DO YOU HAVE TO KILL EVERYONE I LOVE. BLUE KILL ME TOO PLEASE .I CANT LIVE WITHOUT Y/N " Red yelled with tears pouring down his face.Blue ended up killng Red.He was happy because he would be with you.Red wakes pouring the sweat from the nightmare."I need to save her........." Red stated standing up putting your picture in his shirt pocket." Geez......."  Red stated walking down the path that will or was to lead to you.Red has two more days left to find you and save you.Will Red successful save you.Or will you die ......

Find out.......; D
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Comments (1)

Really good story keep it up I really enjoy the grammar and use of spell check alongside the dramatic story line
on November 05, 2017