A New Life (1)

A New Life (1)

This is book two of Love Of Pokemon Trainers.So I hope you enjoy.No mean commets.Commet if you want more .

published on November 05, 20179 reads 5 readers 1 not completed
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Chapter 3.


As Red was running towards the path that the location said to follow."Why cant I do anything right......" Red stated."I got my girlfriend pregnant and is going to killed her if I don't hurry ." Red said.Red was so worried about you thavhe didn't see other pokemon trainers coming from behide him."Look if you want to pokemon battle me well guess what I'm busy right now so go away" Red yelled still running.The others understood and leave him alone.Red was still running when he realize what time it was."Well I'll conuite to find you Y/n tomorrow. Good night Y/n, Love you" Red said laying down and putting your picture in his arms and falling a sleep.When it to saving you Red would give up his life.
Red wanted you and the baby to stay safe until he found and reuses you two.Red was going to tell how happy he is about his becoming a dad.He wanted you back in his arms.He wanted to help you get though this all.
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Comments (1)

Really good story keep it up I really enjoy the grammar and use of spell check alongside the dramatic story line
on November 05, 2017