A New Life (1)

A New Life (1)

This is book two of Love Of Pokemon Trainers.So I hope you enjoy.No mean commets.Commet if you want more .

published on November 05, 20179 reads 5 readers 1 not completed
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Chapter 2.
Plan or Die

Plan or Die

You woke up tied up in a chair Your pokemon was taken by Blue."Heres the thing ok Y/n .Your pregnant aren't you.Well Red will hav to chose me or you but if he wants you he has to beat me  within 5 minutes.If not you die along with your child " Blue stated holding a knife to your neck."Red...will save me " you whipser."Keep telling yourself that " Blue stated walking out.
Red was running very fast until he saw Gary."Red look ok,you have three days  to get your girlfriend and chose bewteen Blue and Y/n. If you chose Y/n you will have yo battle Blue and win within 5 minutes ." Gary stated giving him a hint."If I was you , I would hurry to save your pregnant girlfriend before its too late " Gary stated again giving him the location to you."Thanks Gary " Red thanked " Its fine just as long you dont tell Blue that I gave you the location." Gary stated walking while waving.Red looked at the paper then back at your picture.Red wanted to save you.Even if you wasnt pregnant.
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Comments (1)

Really good story keep it up I really enjoy the grammar and use of spell check alongside the dramatic story line
on November 05, 2017